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H A Dcorrupt_zipmaker.php.inc6 * ZIP archive writer
34 * ZIP archive writer
39 * @var int Current position in the writer
H A Ddba_handler.inc63 dba_close($db_writer); // when the writer is open at least db3 would fail because of buffered io.
H A Dconversions.h72 from_zval_write_field *writer,
H A Dconversions.c1443 from_zval_write_field *writer,
1469 writer(container, structure, &ctx);
1441 from_zval_run_conversions(const zval *container, php_socket *sock, from_zval_write_field *writer, size_t struct_size, const char *top_name, zend_llist **allocations , struct err_s *err ) argument
H A Dcast.c44 int (*writer)(void *, const char *, int); member in struct:__anon14
51 return funopen(cookie, funcs->reader, funcs->writer, funcs->seeker, funcs->closer);
H A Dphp_imap.c2458 php_stream *writer = NULL; local
2480 php_stream_from_zval(writer, out);
2485 writer = php_stream_open_wrapper(Z_STRVAL_P(out), "wb", REPORT_ERRORS, NULL);
2489 if (!writer) {
2493 IMAPG(gets_stream) = writer;
2500 php_stream_close(writer);
H A Dphp_xmlwriter.c89 typedef int (*xmlwriter_read_one_char_t)(xmlTextWriterPtr writer, const xmlChar *content);
90 typedef int (*xmlwriter_read_int_t)(xmlTextWriterPtr writer);
H A Dsqlite3.c7477 ** database writer and all readers are reading from the most recent database
7487 ** that the next writer will restart the log file from the beginning.
7489 ** database writer attempts while it is pending, but does not impede readers.
7513 ** exclusive "writer" lock on the database file. ^If the writer lock cannot be
7515 ** the writer lock retried until either the busy-handler returns 0 or the lock
7518 ** the writer lock is obtained or while waiting for database readers, the
10463 ** There can only be one writer. A RESERVED_LOCK is obtained by locking
10469 ** which means we can use reader/writer locks. When reader/writer lock
78508 PmaWriter writer; /* Object used to write to the file */ local
78825 PmaWriter writer; local

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