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H A Dcorrupt_zipmaker.php.inc241 $extra = 'nu' . 0xffff; // way huge size
H A Dseekableiterator.inc17 * Turns a normal iterator ino a seekable iterator. When there is a way
H A Dcachingiterator.inc18 * This iterator wrapper does a one ahead iteration. This way it knows whether
H A Dldap.c376 /* New versions of OpenLDAP do it this way */
394 /* New versions of OpenLDAP do it this way */
1418 /* use a newly define parameter into the do_modify so ldap_mod_add can be used the way it is supposed to be used , Gerrit THomson */
2530 static void php_ldap_do_translate(INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS, int way) argument
2543 if (way == 1) {

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