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H A Drt.c48 vsnprintf (error_mesg, sizeof(error_mesg), mesg, args);
61 vsnprintf (error_mesg, sizeof(error_mesg), mesg, args);
H A Dsnprintf.h109 #ifdef vsnprintf
110 #undef vsnprintf macro
112 #define vsnprintf ap_php_vsnprintf macro
H A Dcom_wrapper.c81 vsnprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), fmt, ap);
H A Dsqlite3ext.h251 char *(*vsnprintf)(int,char*,const char*,va_list); member in struct:sqlite3_api_routines
485 #define sqlite3_uri_vsnprintf sqlite3_api->vsnprintf
H A Dsqlite3.c[all...]
H A Dzlog.c113 len = vsnprintf(buf, buf_size, fmt, ap);
160 len += vsnprintf(buf + len, buf_size - len, fmt, args);
H A Dconverter.c55 vsnprintf(message, sizeof(message), format, vargs);
H A Dsnmp.c524 vsnprintf(snmp_object->snmp_errstr, sizeof(snmp_object->snmp_errstr) - 1, format, args);
H A Dregint.h144 #define xvsnprintf vsnprintf
H A Dzend.c1366 vsnprintf(output_buf, 1024, format, args);
H A Dinterbase.c528 /* vsnprintf NUL terminates the buf and writes at most n-1 chars+NUL */
529 vsnprintf(IBG(errmsg), MAX_ERRMSG, msg, ap);

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