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H A Dintl_convert.c34 * dynamically allocated buffer of *target_len bytes length.
43 * @param target_len Result length.
51 UChar** target, int32_t* target_len,
70 u_strFromUTF8( *target, *target_len, &dst_len, src, (int32_t)src_len, status );
76 *target_len = dst_len;
105 *target_len = dst_len;
113 * @param target_len Result length.
121 char** target, size_t* target_len,
156 *target_len = (size_t)dst_len;
50 intl_convert_utf8_to_utf16( UChar** target, int32_t* target_len, const char* src, size_t src_len, UErrorCode* status ) argument
120 intl_convert_utf16_to_utf8( char** target, size_t* target_len, const UChar* src, int32_t src_len, UErrorCode* status ) argument
H A Dintl_convert.h24 UChar** target, int32_t* target_len,
29 char** target, size_t* target_len,
H A Dzend_virtual_cwd.h136 CWD_API int php_sys_readlink(const char *link, char *target, size_t target_len);
141 # define php_sys_readlink(link, target, target_len) readlink(link, target, target_len)
H A Dzend_virtual_cwd.c232 CWD_API int php_sys_readlink(const char *link, char *target, size_t target_len){ /* {{{ */ argument
H A Dregcomp.c681 compile_range_repeat_node(QtfrNode* qn, int target_len, int empty_info, argument
692 r = add_rel_addr(reg, target_len + SIZE_OP_REPEAT_INC);
H A Dfile.c1632 size_t source_len, target_len; local
1636 if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS(), "pp|r", &source, &source_len, &target, &target_len, &zcontext) == FAILURE) {

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