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H A Dltmain.sh1115 # to make a dll which has undefined symbols, in which case not
1118 # that all symbols are satisfied, otherwise we get a static library.
1520 -export-symbols | -export-symbols-regex)
1522 $echo "$modename: more than one -exported-symbols argument is not allowed"
1525 if test "X$arg" = "X-export-symbols"; then
2491 # Prefer using a static library (so that no silly _DYNAMIC symbols
2873 $echo "*** is linked with the -dlopen flag to resolve symbols at runtime."
3152 $echo "$modename: warning: \`-export-symbols' is ignored for archives" 1>&2
3437 # Check to see if the archive will have undefined symbols
H A Dzend_execute_API.c237 uint32_t symbols; local
239 symbols = zend_hash_num_elements(&EG(symbol_table));
241 } while (symbols != zend_hash_num_elements(&EG(symbol_table)));

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