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H A Dsqlite3.c2098 ** integer key called the [ROWID | "rowid"]. ^The rowid is always available
2102 ** is another alias for the rowid.
2104 ** ^This routine returns the [rowid] of the most recent
2107 ** records the last insert rowid of both ordinary tables and [virtual tables].
2112 ** method, then this routine will return the [rowid] of the inserted
2136 ** function is running and thus changes the last insert [rowid],
2139 ** last insert [rowid].
4951 ** ^The final callback parameter is the [rowid] of the row.
4952 ** ^In the case of an update, this is the [rowid] afte
10043 i64 rowid; /* Used by UNPACKED_PREFIX_SEARCH */ member in struct:UnpackedRecord
36413 sqlite3RowSetInsert(RowSet *p, i64 rowid) argument
60604 sqlite3VdbeIdxRowid(sqlite3 *db, BtCursor *pCur, i64 *rowid) argument
63186 i64 rowid; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_IdxRowid_stack_vars
63315 sqlite_int64 rowid; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_VUpdate_stack_vars
H A Dsqlite3.c251 Returns the rowid of the most recent INSERT into the database from the database connection. */
1201 /* {{{ proto resource SQLite3::openBlob(string table, string column, int rowid [, string dbname])
1209 long rowid, flags = 0; local
1218 if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "ssl|s", &table, &table_len, &column, &column_len, &rowid, &dbname, &dbname_len) == FAILURE) {
1222 if (sqlite3_blob_open(db_obj->db, dbname, table, column, rowid, flags, &blob) != SQLITE_OK) {
1861 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, rowid)

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