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H A Dsearchiterator.inc25 /** Rewind and reset so that it once again searches.
H A Dspldoublylinkedlist.inc99 return reset($this->_llist);
H A Dcommon_enum.cpp116 ((StringEnumeration*)iter->data)->reset(INTLITERATOR_ERROR_CODE(ii));
H A Dcalendar_methods.cpp127 void reset(UErrorCode& status) function in class:BugStringCharEnumeration
H A Dshtool526 for seq in sgr0 me rmso init reset; do # 'reset' is last
H A Dclient_round2_interop.php114 // reset the status to zero
444 reset($soap_test->method_params);
H A Drun-tests.php2219 reset($old1); $k1 = key($old1); $l1 = -2;
2220 reset($old2); $k2 = key($old2); $l2 = -2;
2719 $type = reset($temp);
H A Dsqlite3ext.h122 int (*reset)(sqlite3_stmt*pStmt); member in struct:sqlite3_api_routines
370 #define sqlite3_reset sqlite3_api->reset
H A Dsqlite3.c307 ** and Z will be reset to zero.
2683 ** was last reset. ^The values returned by [sqlite3_memory_used()] and
2689 ** ^The memory high-water mark is reset to the current value of
2693 ** prior to the reset.
3574 ** been reset using [sqlite3_reset(S)]. ^The sqlite3_stmt_busy(S)
3581 ** connection that are in need of being reset. This can be used,
3831 ** ^Contrary to the intuition of many, [sqlite3_reset()] does not reset
3833 ** ^Use this routine to reset all host parameters to NULL.
3995 ** machine without first calling [sqlite3_reset()] to reset the virtual
4022 ** sqlite3_step(). Failure to reset th
48083 sqlite3PagerCacheStat(Pager *pPager, int eStat, int reset, int *pnVal) argument
H A Darray.c884 /* {{{ proto mixed reset(array array_arg)
886 PHP_FUNCTION(reset)
3855 * the previous array and reset the sort flags. */
4494 /* If reached the chunk size, add it to the result array, and reset the
H A Dphp_array.h47 PHP_FUNCTION(reset); variable
H A Dbasic_functions.c3306 PHP_FE(reset, arginfo_reset)
3455 /* don't forget to reset the various libc globals that
H A Dmysqli_fe.c618 PHP_FALIAS(reset, mysqli_stmt_reset, arginfo_mysqli_no_params)
H A Dmysqlnd.h249 #define mysqlnd_stmt_reset(stmt) (stmt)->m->reset((stmt) TSRMLS_CC)
H A Dmysqlnd_ps.c1169 /* {{{ mysqlnd_stmt::reset */
1171 MYSQLND_METHOD(mysqlnd_stmt, reset)(MYSQLND_STMT * const s TSRMLS_DC)
1177 DBG_ENTER("mysqlnd_stmt::reset");
2308 MYSQLND_METHOD(mysqlnd_stmt, reset),
H A Dmysqlnd_structs.h767 func_mysqlnd_stmt__reset reset; member in struct:st_mysqlnd_stmt_methods
H A Dsqlite3.c1313 /* {{{ proto bool SQLite3Stmt::reset()
1315 PHP_METHOD(sqlite3stmt, reset)
1328 php_sqlite3_error(stmt_obj->db_obj, "Unable to reset statement: %s", sqlite3_errmsg(sqlite3_db_handle(stmt_obj->stmt)));
1785 /* {{{ proto bool SQLite3Result::reset()
1787 PHP_METHOD(sqlite3result, reset)
1967 PHP_ME(sqlite3stmt, reset, arginfo_sqlite3_void, ZEND_ACC_PUBLIC)
1984 PHP_ME(sqlite3result, reset, arginfo_sqlite3_void, ZEND_ACC_PUBLIC)

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