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H A Dinit.d.php-fpm.in37 'removed')
84 wait_for_pid removed $php_fpm_PID
118 wait_for_pid removed $php_fpm_PID
H A Darray.c1810 PHPAPI HashTable* php_splice(HashTable *in_hash, int offset, int length, zval ***list, int list_count, HashTable **removed) /* {{{ */ argument
1859 /* If hash for removed entries exists, go until offset+length and copy the entries to it */
1860 if (removed != NULL) {
1865 zend_hash_next_index_insert(*removed, &entry, sizeof(zval *), NULL);
1867 zend_hash_quick_update(*removed, p->arKey, p->nKeyLength, p->h, &entry, sizeof(zval *), NULL);
2082 /* Don't create the array of removed elements if it's not going
H A Dsqlite3.c1425 ** (in other words, if files can be added, removed, and renamed within
11630 ** a UNIQUE constraint violation are removed so that the new insert or
21553 etByte flag_rtz; /* True if trailing zeros should be removed */
23232 ** UTF-16 string stored in *pMem. If one is present, it is removed and
23302 ** UTF-8. Miscoded characters are removed.
24981 HashElem* elem, /* The element to be removed from the pH */
25036 ** element corresponding to "key" is removed from the hash table.
26436 ** created or removed, we have to look at our own internal record of the
55238 int removed = 0; local

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