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H A Dconfigure1265 It does not let you subtract one const X* pointer from another in an arm
H A Dalloca.c73 typedef void *pointer; typedef
75 typedef char *pointer; typedef
150 /* Return a pointer to at least SIZE bytes of storage,
157 pointer
185 free ((pointer) hp); /* Collect garbage. */
205 register pointer new = malloc (sizeof (header) + size);
218 return (pointer) ((char *) new + sizeof (header));
H A Dgdxpm.c25 int *pointer; local
125 pointer = (int *);
128 k = *pointer++;
H A Dpcre_get.c139 firstptr where to put the pointer to the first entry
140 lastptr where to put the pointer to the last entry
314 ovector pointer to the offsets table
369 ovector pointer to the offsets table
421 of the captured substrings in it. A NULL pointer is put on the end of the list.
425 ovector pointer to the offsets table
501 pcre_free_substring_list(const char **pointer) argument
504 pcre16_free_substring_list(PCRE_SPTR16 *pointer)
507 pcre32_free_substring_list(PCRE_SPTR32 *pointer)
510 (PUBL(free))((void *)pointer);
648 pcre_free_substring(const char *pointer) argument
H A Dphpdbg_cmd.c94 PHPDBG_API char* phpdbg_param_tostring(const phpdbg_param_t *param, char **pointer) /* {{{ */ argument
98 asprintf(pointer, "%s", param->str);
102 asprintf(pointer, ZEND_ULONG_FMT, param->addr);
106 asprintf(pointer, "%li", param->num);
110 asprintf(pointer, "%s::%s", param->method.class, param->;
115 asprintf(pointer, "%s:%lu#%lu", param->, param->file.line, param->num);
117 asprintf(pointer, "%s:%lu", param->, param->file.line);
122 asprintf(pointer, "%s#%lu", param->str, param->num);
126 asprintf(pointer, "%s::%s#%lu", param->method.class, param->, param->num);
130 *pointer
H A Dphpdbg_cmd.h153 PHPDBG_API char* phpdbg_param_tostring(const phpdbg_param_t *param, char **pointer);
H A Dfpm_main.c1782 * SG(request_info).path_translated is an invalid pointer.
H A Dsqlite3.c304 ** macro. ^The sqlite3_libversion() function returns a pointer to the
310 ** a pointer to a string constant whose value is the same as the
331 ** sqlite3_compileoption_get() returns a NULL pointer. ^The SQLITE_
389 ** Each open SQLite database is represented by a pointer to an instance of
391 ** pointer as an object. The [sqlite3_open()], [sqlite3_open16()], and
473 ** pointer or an [sqlite3] object pointer obtained
476 ** ^Calling sqlite3_close() or sqlite3_close_v2() with a NULL pointer
504 ** callback invocation. ^If the callback pointer to sqlite3_exec()
517 ** occur, then sqlite3_exec() sets the pointer i

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