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H A Dconfigure1262 struct point {int x, y;};
1263 static struct point const zero = {0,0};
H A Dallowed_rounding_error.inc4 //different machines may give slightly different floating point numbers
H A Dgd_interpolation.c41 downscaling using the fixed point implementations are usually much faster
80 /* only used here, let do a generic fixed point integers later if required by other
83 /* Integer to fixed point */
86 /* Float to fixed point */
89 /* Double to fixed point */
92 /* Fixed point to integer */
95 /* Fixed point to float */
98 /* Fixed point to double */
676 /* y is bound safe at this point */
726 /* y is bound safe at this point */
2432 gdPointF extent[4], min, max, point; local
H A Dcom_handlers.c573 IConnectionPoint *point; local
579 &obj->sink_id, &point))) {
582 IConnectionPoint_Advise(point, (IUnknown*)obj->sink_dispatch, &obj->sink_cookie);
584 IConnectionPoint_Unadvise(point, obj->sink_cookie);
586 IConnectionPoint_Release(point);
H A Dpcre_compile.c534 "disallowed Unicode code point (>= 0xd800 && <= 0xdfff)\0"
1695 fails, the error message can point to the correct place in the pattern.
3993 * Insert an automatic callout point *
4024 we can't fill in till after we have reached the relevant point. This is used
4362 codeptr points to the pointer to the current code point
4529 allow memory for it. Therefore, don't ever reduce the length at this point.
5208 /* If we hit \Q (not followed by \E) at this point, go into escaped
5412 anything at this point. For this reason, xclass gets set TRUE above when
5545 this point. */
5859 cases. Note that at this point w
H A Dpharcommand.inc447 "then point -p argument to PHP/Archive.php.\n";
664 * @param string $entry The entry point

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