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H A Dsqlite3.c47 static void php_sqlite3_error(php_sqlite3_db_object *db_obj, char *format, ...) function
71 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "The " #class_name " object has not been correctly initialised"); \
205 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "Unable to close database: %d, %s", errcode, sqlite3_errmsg(db_obj->db));
233 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "%s", errtext);
339 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "Unable to set busy timeout: %d, %s", return_code, sqlite3_errmsg(db_obj->db));
370 ) { php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "Not supported in multithreaded Web servers");
376 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "SQLite Extension are disabled");
381 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "Empty string as an extension");
395 php_sqlite3_error(db_obj, "Unable to load extension at '%s'", lib_path);
403 php_sqlite3_error(db_ob

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