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H A Dgd_interpolation.c965 static inline void _gdScaleRow(gdImagePtr pSrc, unsigned int src_width, gdImagePtr dst, unsigned int dst_width, unsigned int row, LineContribType *contrib) argument
967 int *p_src_row = pSrc->tpixels[row];
989 static inline void _gdScaleHoriz(gdImagePtr pSrc, unsigned int src_width, unsigned int src_height, gdImagePtr pDst, unsigned int dst_width, unsigned int dst_height) argument
998 memcpy(pDst->tpixels[y], pSrc->tpixels[y], src_width);
1002 contrib = _gdContributionsCalc(dst_width, src_width, (double)dst_width / (double)src_width, pSrc->interpolation);
1008 _gdScaleRow(pSrc, src_width, pDst, dst_width, u, contrib);
1013 static inline void _gdScaleCol (gdImagePtr pSrc, unsigned int src_width, gdImagePtr pRes, unsigned int dst_width, unsigned int dst_height, unsigned int uCol, LineContribType *contrib) argument
1025 const int pCurSrc = pSrc->tpixels[i][uCol];
1036 static inline void _gdScaleVert (const gdImagePtr pSrc, const unsigned int src_width, const unsigned int src_height, const gdImagePtr pDst, const unsigned int dst_width, const unsigned int dst_height) argument
1045 memcpy(pDst->tpixels[y], pSrc
H A Dsqlite3.c11494 ** be NULL. The pSrc corresponds to the FROM clause of a SELECT or
11558 SrcList *pSrc; /* The FROM clause */ member in struct:Select
20736 SrcList *pSrc = va_arg(ap, SrcList*); local
20738 struct SrcList_item *pItem = &pSrc->a[k];
20740 assert( k>=0 && k<pSrc->nSrc );
56306 const u8 *pSrc; local
59335 Btree *pSrc; /* Source b-tree file */ member in struct:sqlite3_backup
75585 SrcList *pSrc; local
76168 sqlite3CreateColumnExpr(sqlite3 *db, SrcList *pSrc, int iSrc, int iCol) argument
78533 SrcList *pSrc; local
81034 SrcList *pSrc; /* One particular FROM clause in a nested query */ member in struct:SrcCount
81051 SrcList *pSrc = p->pSrc; local
81745 sqlite3AlterRenameTable( Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc, Token *pName ) argument
82100 sqlite3AlterBeginAddColumn(Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc) argument
88243 sqlite3SrcListEnlarge( sqlite3 *db, SrcList *pSrc, int nExtra, int iStart ) argument
89531 sqlite3SrcListLookup(Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc) argument
89625 sqlite3LimitWhere( Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc, Expr *pWhere, ExprList *pOrderBy, Expr *pLimit, Expr *pOffset, char *zStmtType ) argument
92609 fkScanChildren( Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc, Table *pTab, Index *pIdx, FKey *pFKey, int *aiCol, int regData, int nIncr ) argument
93031 SrcList *pSrc; local
95144 xferCompatibleIndex(Index *pDest, Index *pSrc) argument
95206 Table *pSrc; /* The table in the FROM clause of SELECT */ local
100094 sqlite3SelectNew( Parse *pParse, ExprList *pEList, SrcList *pSrc, Expr *pWhere, ExprList *pGroupBy, Expr *pHaving, ExprList *pOrderBy, u16 selFlags, Expr *pLimit, Expr *pOffset ) argument
100258 tableAndColumnIndex( SrcList *pSrc, int N, const char *zCol, int *piTab, int *piCol ) argument
100293 addWhereTerm( Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc, int iLeft, int iColLeft, int iRight, int iColRight, int isOuterJoin, Expr **ppWhere ) argument
100378 SrcList *pSrc; /* All tables in the FROM clause */ local
101870 SrcList *pSrc = p->pSrc; /* The FROM clause of the recursive query */ local
103001 SrcList *pSrc; local
103162 SrcList *pSrc; /* The FROM clause of the outer query */ local
103811 SrcList *pSrc = pFrom->pSelect->pSrc; local
106238 SrcList *pSrc; /* SrcList to be returned */ local
107380 updateVirtualTable( Parse *pParse, SrcList *pSrc, Table *pTab, ExprList *pChanges, Expr *pRowid, int *aXRef, Expr *pWhere, int onError ) argument
109473 whereOrMove(WhereOrSet *pDest, WhereOrSet *pSrc) argument
109724 SrcList *pSrc = pS->pSrc; local
110229 exprAnalyzeOrTerm( SrcList *pSrc, WhereClause *pWC, int idxTerm ) argument
110478 exprAnalyze( SrcList *pSrc, WhereClause *pWC, int idxTerm ) argument
110940 termCanDriveIndex( WhereTerm *pTerm, struct SrcList_item *pSrc, Bitmask notReady ) argument
110963 constructAutomaticIndex( Parse *pParse, WhereClause *pWC, struct SrcList_item *pSrc, Bitmask notReady, WhereLevel *pLevel ) argument
111121 allocateIndexInfo( Parse *pParse, WhereClause *pWC, struct SrcList_item *pSrc, ExprList *pOrderBy ) argument
113289 whereLoopAddBtreeIndex( WhereLoopBuilder *pBuilder, struct SrcList_item *pSrc, Index *pProbe, LogEst nInMul ) argument
113573 struct SrcList_item *pSrc; /* The FROM clause btree term to add */ local
113761 struct SrcList_item *pSrc; /* The FROM clause term to search */ local
118265 SrcList *pSrc = sqlite3SrcListAppend(pParse->db, 0,&yymsp[-1].minor.yy0,&yymsp[0].minor.yy0); local
142792 u8 *pSrc = &pDst[pRtree->nBytesPerCell]; local

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