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H A Dbtree.c1312 ** The comparison result is written to *pRes as follows:
1314 ** *pRes<0 This means pCur<pKey
1316 ** *pRes==0 This means pCur==pKey for all nKey bytes
1318 ** *pRes>0 This means pCur>pKey
1523 ** on success. Set *pRes to 0 if the cursor actually points to something
1524 ** or set *pRes to 1 if the table is empty.
1526 static int fileBtreeFirst(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes){ argument
1532 *pRes = 1;
1535 *pRes = 0;
1542 ** on success. Set *pRes t
1545 fileBtreeLast(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
1585 fileBtreeMoveto(BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, int *pRes) argument
1638 fileBtreeNext(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
1693 fileBtreePrevious(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
H A Dbtree.h71 int (*Moveto)(BtCursor*, const void *pKey, int nKey, int *pRes);
75 int (*First)(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
76 int (*Last)(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
77 int (*Next)(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
78 int (*Previous)(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
82 int nIgnore, int *pRes);
121 #define sqliteBtreeMoveto(pCur, pKey, nKey, pRes)\
122 (btCOps(pCur)->Moveto(pCur, pKey, nKey, pRes))
126 #define sqliteBtreeFirst(pCur, pRes) (btCOps(pCur)->First(pCur, pRes))
H A Dbtree_rb.c138 int *pRes
141 static int memRbtreeNext(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
142 static int memRbtreeLast(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
143 static int memRbtreePrevious(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
691 int nIgnore, int *pRes)
696 *pRes = -1;
699 *pRes = -1;
701 *pRes = key_compare(pCur->pNode->pKey, pCur->pNode->nKey-nIgnore,
861 ** *pRes<0 The cursor is left pointing at an entry that
865 ** *pRes
690 memRbtreeKeyCompare(RbtCursor* pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, int nIgnore, int *pRes) argument
1071 memRbtreeFirst(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1088 memRbtreeLast(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1111 memRbtreeNext(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1138 memRbtreePrevious(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
H A Dpager.c308 ** that is read in *pRes. Return SQLITE_OK if everything worked, or an
315 static int read32bits(int format, OsFile *fd, u32 *pRes){ argument
324 *pRes = res;
H A Dsqlite3.c7255 int (*xGeom)(sqlite3_rtree_geometry *, int nCoord, double *aCoord, int *pRes),
8042 int *pRes
8049 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeFirst(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
8050 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeLast(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
8051 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeNext(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
8053 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreePrevious(BtCursor*, int *pRes);
37814 read32bits(sqlite3_file *fd, i64 offset, u32 *pRes) argument
51841 sqlite3BtreeFirst(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
51864 sqlite3BtreeLast(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
52126 sqlite3BtreeNext(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
52195 sqlite3BtreePrevious(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
83569 sqlite3_value *pRes; local
108464 int *pRes = va_arg(ap, int*); local
H A Dsqlite3.h6708 int (*xGeom)(sqlite3_rtree_geometry *, int nCoord, double *aCoord, int *pRes),

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