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H A Dcom_typeinfo.c226 void php_com_typelibrary_dtor(void *pDest) argument
228 ITypeLib **Lib = (ITypeLib**)pDest;
H A Dphp_com_dotnet_internal.h177 void php_com_typelibrary_dtor(void *pDest);
H A Dsqlite3.c7332 sqlite3 *pDest, /* Destination database handle */
12325 ** identified by pDest->iSDParm.
12327 ** SRT_Except Remove results from the temporary index pDest->iSDParm.
12329 ** SRT_Exists Store a 1 in memory cell pDest->iSDParm if the result
12344 ** in register pDest->iSDParm then abandon the rest
12348 ** row of result as the key in table pDest->iSDParm.
12349 ** Apply the affinity pDest->affSdst before storing
12352 ** SRT_EphemTab Create an temporary table pDest->iSDParm and store
12360 ** of the co-routine is stored in register pDest->iSDParm
12361 ** and the result row is stored in pDest
45355 sqlite3PagerReadFileheader(Pager *pPager, int N, unsigned char *pDest) argument
62321 Btree *pDest; /* Destination b-tree file */ member in struct:sqlite3_backup
73137 Mem *pDest; /* Where to write the extracted value */ local
77028 Mem *pDest; local
101341 xferCompatibleIndex(Index *pDest, Index *pSrc) argument
101395 xferOptimization( Parse *pParse, Table *pDest, Select *pSelect, int onError, int iDbDest ) argument
106552 sqlite3SelectDestInit(SelectDest *pDest, int eDest, int iParm) argument
107098 checkForMultiColumnSelectError( Parse *pParse, SelectDest *pDest, int nExpr ) argument
107123 selectInnerLoop( Parse *pParse, Select *p, ExprList *pEList, int srcTab, SortCtx *pSort, DistinctCtx *pDistinct, SelectDest *pDest, int iContinue, int iBreak ) argument
109013 generateOutputSubroutine( Parse *pParse, Select *p, SelectDest *pIn, SelectDest *pDest, int regReturn, int regPrev, KeyInfo *pKeyInfo, int iBreak ) argument
116259 whereOrMove(WhereOrSet *pDest, WhereOrSet *pSrc) argument
H A Dsqlite3.h7125 sqlite3 *pDest, /* Destination database handle */
H A Dphpdbg_watch.c849 static void phpdbg_watch_dtor(zval *pDest) { argument
850 phpdbg_watchpoint_t *watch = (phpdbg_watchpoint_t *) Z_PTR_P(pDest);
H A Dzend_hash.h126 typedef int (*apply_func_t)(zval *pDest);
127 typedef int (*apply_func_arg_t)(zval *pDest, void *argument);
128 typedef int (*apply_func_args_t)(zval *pDest, int num_args, va_list args, zend_hash_key *hash_key);
H A Dzend_types.h98 typedef void (*dtor_func_t)(zval *pDest);
H A Dmysqlnd_driver.c99 mysqlnd_error_list_pdtor(void * pDest) argument

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