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H A Dspl.php691 * @param $newval new value to store at offset $index
693 function offsetSet($index, $newval) {/**/}
803 * @param $newval new value to store at offset $index
805 function offsetSet($index, $newval) {/**/}
H A Dspl_iterators.c2801 /* {{{ proto void CachingIterator::offsetSet(mixed index, mixed newval)
3005 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, newval)
H A Dspl_array.c759 /* {{{ proto void ArrayObject::offsetSet(mixed $index, mixed $newval)
760 proto void ArrayIterator::offsetSet(mixed $index, mixed $newval)
761 Sets the value at the specified $index to $newval. */
794 /* {{{ proto void ArrayObject::append(mixed $newval)
795 proto void ArrayIterator::append(mixed $newval)
1880 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, newval)
H A Dspl_dllist.c793 /* {{{ proto void SplDoublyLinkedList::offsetSet(mixed $index, mixed $newval)
794 Sets the value at the specified $index to $newval. */
1217 /* {{{ proto void SplDoublyLinkedList::add(mixed $index, mixed $newval)
1218 Inserts a new entry before the specified $index consisting of $newval. */
1326 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, newval)
H A Dspl_fixedarray.c819 /* {{{ proto void SplFixedArray::offsetSet(mixed $index, mixed $newval)
820 Sets the value at the specified $index to $newval. */
1058 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, newval)
H A Ddom_properties.h28 int dom_attr_value_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
34 int dom_characterdata_data_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
42 int dom_document_actual_encoding_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
44 int dom_document_encoding_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
46 int dom_document_standalone_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
48 int dom_document_version_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
50 int dom_document_strict_error_checking_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
52 int dom_document_document_uri_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
55 int dom_document_format_output_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
57 int dom_document_validate_on_parse_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_D
H A Dentity.c131 int dom_entity_actual_encoding_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
149 int dom_entity_encoding_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
167 int dom_entity_version_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
H A Dattr.c160 int dom_attr_value_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
174 str = zval_get_string(newval);
H A Dcharacterdata.c99 int dom_characterdata_data_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
109 str = zval_get_string(newval);
H A Ddocument.c330 int dom_document_encoding_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
341 str = zval_get_string(newval);
343 handler = xmlFindCharEncodingHandler(Z_STRVAL_P(newval));
381 int dom_document_standalone_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
391 standalone = zval_get_long(newval);
425 int dom_document_version_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
439 str = zval_get_string(newval);
465 int dom_document_strict_error_checking_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
470 doc_prop->stricterror = zend_is_true(newval TSRMLS_CC);
492 int dom_document_format_output_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_D
H A Dnode.c325 int dom_node_node_value_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
346 zend_string *str = zval_get_string(newval);
698 int dom_node_prefix_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
723 str = zval_get_string(newval);
846 int dom_node_text_content_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
H A Dphp_dom.c107 typedef int (*dom_write_t)(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
295 static int dom_write_na(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
H A Dprocessinginstruction.c138 int dom_processinginstruction_data_write(dom_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
148 str = zval_get_string(newval);
H A Dmysqli.c74 typedef int (*mysqli_write_t)(mysqli_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
292 static int mysqli_write_na(mysqli_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
H A Dphp_snmp.h108 typedef int (*php_snmp_write_t)(php_snmp_object *snmp_object, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
H A Dsnmp.c2178 static int php_snmp_write_info(php_snmp_object *snmp_object, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
2186 static int php_snmp_write_max_oids(php_snmp_object *snmp_object, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC)
2191 if (Z_TYPE_P(newval) == IS_NULL) {
2196 if (Z_TYPE_P(newval) != IS_LONG) {
2197 ztmp = *newval;
2200 newval = &ztmp;
2203 if (Z_LVAL_P(newval) > 0) {
2204 snmp_object->max_oids = Z_LVAL_P(newval);
2206 php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_WARNING, "max_oids should be positive integer or NULL, got %pd", Z_LVAL_P(newval));
2209 if (newval
H A Dphp_xmlreader.c45 typedef int (*xmlreader_write_t)(xmlreader_object *obj, zval *newval TSRMLS_DC);
H A Dldap.c2009 /* {{{ proto bool ldap_set_option(resource link, int option, mixed newval)
2013 zval *link, *newval; local
2018 if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "zlz", &link, &option, &newval) != SUCCESS) {
2042 convert_to_long_ex(newval);
2043 val = Z_LVAL_P(newval);
2053 convert_to_long_ex(newval);
2054 timeout.tv_sec = Z_LVAL_P(newval);
2065 convert_to_long_ex(newval);
2066 timeout = 1000 * Z_LVAL_P(newval); /* Convert to milliseconds */
2088 convert_to_string_ex(newval);
H A Dstreamsfuncs.c503 MAKE_STD_ZVAL(newval);
504 array_init(newval);
507 add_next_index_string(newval, (char *)filter->fops->label);
510 add_assoc_zval(return_value, "filters", newval);

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