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H A Dregexiterator.inc66 * @warning never call this twice for the same state
H A Dltmain.sh4970 This wrapper executable should never be moved out of the build directory.
5324 # This wrapper script should never be moved out of the build directory.
6935 # The TAGs below are defined such that we never get into a situation
6944 # configuration. But we'll never go from static-only to shared-only.
H A Dst.c423 st_delete_safe(table, key, value, never)
427 st_data_t never;
441 if ((ptr->key != never) && EQUAL(table, ptr->key, *key)) {
445 ptr->key = ptr->record = never;
456 st_data_t never)
458 delete_never(key, value, never)
459 st_data_t key, value, never;
462 if (value == never) return ST_DELETE;
467 st_cleanup_safe(table, never)
469 st_data_t never;
455 delete_never(st_data_t key __attribute__ ((unused)), st_data_t value, st_data_t never) argument
H A Dgd_jpeg.c12 * has never been tested according to DB.
661 /* note we assume that fill_input_buffer will never return FALSE,
692 * never used */
H A Dbuild2.mk33 SUPPRESS_WARNINGS ?= 2>&1 | (egrep -v '(AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow cross compiling|AC_PROG_CXXCPP was called before AC_PROG_CXX|defined in acinclude.m4 but never used|AC_PROG_LEX invoked multiple times|AC_DECL_YYTEXT is expanded from...|the top level)'||true)
H A Dconnect.inc24 /* Development setting: test experimal features and/or feature requests that never worked before? */

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