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H A Dzend_strtod.h29 ZEND_API char * zend_dtoa(double _d, int mode, int ndigits, int *decpt, int *sign, char **rve);
H A Dzend_strtod.c533 extern "C" char *dtoa(double d, int mode, int ndigits,
3705 (dd, mode, ndigits, decpt, sign, rve)
3706 double dd; int mode, ndigits, *decpt, *sign; char **rve;
3708 (double dd, int mode, int ndigits, int *decpt, int *sign, char **rve)
3711 /* Arguments ndigits, decpt, sign are similar to those
3723 2 ==> max(1,ndigits) significant digits. This gives a
3726 3 ==> through ndigits past the decimal point. This
3729 ndigits can be negative.
3940 ndigits = 0;
3946 if (ndigits <

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