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H A Dbtree.c3417 ** a table. nRoot is the number of entries in aRoot.
3424 char *fileBtreeIntegrityCheck(Btree *pBt, int *aRoot, int nRoot){ argument
3452 for(i=0; i<nRoot; i++){
H A Dbtree.h141 #define sqliteBtreeIntegrityCheck(pBt, aRoot, nRoot)\
142 (btOps(pBt)->IntegrityCheck(pBt, aRoot, nRoot))
H A Dbtree_rb.c1240 * memory obtained from sqliteMalloc(). Parameters aRoot and nRoot are ignored.
1242 static char *memRbtreeIntegrityCheck(Rbtree* tree, int* aRoot, int nRoot) argument
H A Dvdbe.c3718 int nRoot; local
3729 nRoot = sqliteHashCount(&pSet->hash);
3730 aRoot = sqliteMallocRaw( sizeof(int)*(nRoot+1) );
3738 z = sqliteBtreeIntegrityCheck(db->aDb[pOp->p2].pBt, aRoot, nRoot);
H A Dsqlite3.c8063 SQLITE_PRIVATE char *sqlite3BtreeIntegrityCheck(Btree*, int *aRoot, int nRoot, int, int*);
55339 sqlite3BtreeIntegrityCheck( Btree *p, int *aRoot, int nRoot, int mxErr, int *pnErr ) argument
63214 int nRoot; /* Number of tables to check. (Number of root pages.) */ member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_IntegrityCk_stack_vars
114229 int nRoot = sqlite3_column_bytes(pStmt, 4); local
120976 sqlite3Fts3SegReaderNew( int iAge, sqlite3_int64 iStartLeaf, sqlite3_int64 iEndLeaf, sqlite3_int64 iEndBlock, const char *zRoot, int nRoot, Fts3SegReader **ppReader ) argument
121699 int nRoot = 0; /* Size of buffer zRoot */ local

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