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H A Dpgsql.mak97 @if not exist $(OBJ_DIR) md $(OBJ_DIR)
H A Dshtool518 for seq in bold md smso; do # 'smso' is last
H A Dldap.mak101 @if not exist $(OBJ_DIR) md $(OBJ_DIR)
H A Dopenssl.mak108 @if not exist $(OBJ_DIR) md $(OBJ_DIR)
H A Dopenssl.c1808 unsigned char md[EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE]; local
1816 } else if (!X509_digest(peer, mdtype, md, &n)) {
1822 ret = zend_string_init((char*)md, n, 0);
1825 make_digest_ex(ZSTR_VAL(ret), md, n); local
H A Dxml.mak100 @if not exist $(OBJ_DIR) md $(OBJ_DIR)
H A Dmagic.c234 unreadable_info(struct magic_set *ms, mode_t md, const char *file) argument
245 if (S_ISREG(md))
H A Dpcre_exec.c46 #define NLBLOCK md /* Block containing newline information */
57 /* The md->capture_last field uses the lower 16 bits for the last captured
71 /* Values for setting in md->match_function_type to indicate two special types
122 is_subject TRUE if printing from within md->start_subject
123 md pointer to matching data block, if is_subject is TRUE
129 pchars(const pcre_uchar *p, int length, BOOL is_subject, match_data *md) argument
132 BOOL utf = md->utf;
133 if (is_subject && length > md->end_subject - p) length = md->end_subject - p;
154 md point
163 match_ref(int offset, register PCRE_PUCHAR eptr, int length, match_data *md, BOOL caseless) argument
511 match(REGISTER PCRE_PUCHAR eptr, REGISTER const pcre_uchar *ecode, PCRE_PUCHAR mstart, int offset_top, match_data *md, eptrblock *eptrb, unsigned int rdepth) argument
6374 match_data *md = &match_block; local
H A Dphp_imap.c83 static char *php_mail_gets(readfn_t f, void *stream, unsigned long size, GETS_DATA *md);
4830 static char *php_mail_gets(readfn_t f, void *stream, unsigned long size, GETS_DATA *md) /* {{{ */ argument
H A Dfile.c382 php_meta_tags_data md; local
385 memset(&md, 0, sizeof(md));
392 = php_stream_open_wrapper(filename, "rb",
395 if (! {
403 while (!done && (tok = php_next_meta_token(&md)) != TOK_EOF) {
406 md.in_meta = !strcasecmp("meta", md.token_data);
408 if (strcasecmp("head", md.token_data) == 0) {
416 temp = name = estrndup(md
2325 php_next_meta_token(php_meta_tags_data *md) argument

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