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H A Dexamine_diff.inc19 * Provides a consistent interface for executing date diff/add/sub tests
H A Dclass_tree.php12 * Simply specify the root class or interface to tree with parameter \<class\>.
21 <class> The class or interface for which to generate the tree graph.
30 /** \brief Collects sub classes for given class or interface
92 foreach($interfaces as $interface)
94 $implements = array_merge($implements, class_implements($interface));
H A Drecursivearrayiterator.inc18 * Passes the RecursiveIterator interface to the inner Iterator and provides
H A Drecursivefilteriterator.inc18 * Passes the RecursiveIterator interface to the inner Iterator and provides
H A Dzend_interfaces.c131 /* iterator interface, c-level functions used by engine */
293 zend_throw_exception_ex(NULL, 0, "Objects returned by %s::getIterator() must be traversable or implement interface Iterator", ce ? ZSTR_VAL(ce->name) : ZSTR_VAL(Z_OBJCE_P(object)->name));
306 static int zend_implement_traversable(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument
319 zend_error_noreturn(E_CORE_ERROR, "Class %s must implement interface %s as part of either %s or %s",
329 static int zend_implement_aggregate(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument
345 ZSTR_VAL(interface->name),
366 static int zend_implement_iterator(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument
377 ZSTR_VAL(interface->name),
397 static int zend_implement_arrayaccess(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument
488 static int zend_implement_serializable(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entr argument
H A Dzend_exceptions.c47 static int zend_implement_throwable(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument
52 zend_error_noreturn(E_ERROR, "Class %s cannot implement interface %s, extend %s or %s instead",
54 ZSTR_VAL(interface->name),
H A Dphpdbg_io.c203 PHPDBG_API int phpdbg_open_socket(const char *interface, unsigned short port) { argument
205 int fd = phpdbg_create_listenable_socket(interface, port, &res);
H A Dphpdbg_io.h37 PHPDBG_API int phpdbg_open_socket(const char *interface, unsigned short port);
H A Dphp_reflection.c410 string_printf(str, "interface ");
4539 Returns whether this is an interface or a class */
4805 zval interface; local
4806 zend_reflection_class_factory(ce->interfaces[i], &interface);
4807 zend_hash_update(Z_ARRVAL_P(return_value), ce->interfaces[i]->name, &interface); local
4981 zval *interface; local
4986 if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS(), "z", &interface) == FAILURE) {
4990 switch (Z_TYPE_P(interface)) {
4992 if ((interface_ce = zend_lookup_class(Z_STR_P(interface))) == NULL) {
4994 "Interface %s does not exist", Z_STRVAL_P(interface));
H A Dphp_date.c1961 static int implement_date_interface_handler(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *implementor) /* {{{ */ argument
H A Dspl_iterators.c1346 static int spl_dual_it_gets_implemented(zend_class_entry *interface, zend_class_entry *class_type) argument

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