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H A Dgd_filter.c249 gdImageSaveAlpha(srcback, 1);
H A Dtestac.c116 gdImageSaveAlpha (im_out, !blending);
H A Dgd.h578 SAVED. Use gdImageSaveAlpha(im, 0); to
712 void gdImageSaveAlpha(gdImagePtr im, int saveAlphaArg);
H A Dgd_crop.c54 gdImageSaveAlpha(dst, 1);
H A Dgd.c2940 void gdImageSaveAlpha (gdImagePtr im, int saveAlphaArg) function
H A Dphp_compat.h299 #define gdImageSaveAlpha php_gd_gdImageSaveAlpha macro
H A Dgd.c1708 gdImageSaveAlpha(im, save);

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