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H A Dgddemo.c34 gdImageColorTransparent (im_out, white);
H A Dwebpng.c124 gdImageColorTransparent (im, -1);
130 gdImageColorTransparent (im, index);
H A Dgd.h185 gdImageColorTransparent function. Newer
580 a truecolor image. Note that gdImageColorTransparent
583 void gdImageColorTransparent(gdImagePtr im, int color);
H A Dgd_gif_in.c251 gdImageColorTransparent(im, Transparent);
H A Dgd.c594 void gdImageColorTransparent (gdImagePtr im, int color) function
H A Dphp_compat.h218 #define gdImageColorTransparent php_gd_gdImageColorTransparent macro
H A Dgd.c3292 gdImageColorTransparent(im, COL);

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