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H A Dtestac.c92 gdImageAlphaBlending (im_out, blending);
H A Dgd_rotate.c380 gdImageAlphaBlending(dst1, 0);
450 gdImageAlphaBlending(dst2, 0);
482 gdImageAlphaBlending(dst3, 0);
H A Dgd.h410 most recent call to gdImageAlphaBlending and the
710 void gdImageAlphaBlending(gdImagePtr im, int alphaBlendingArg);
H A Dgd_interpolation.c2292 gdImageAlphaBlending(*dst, 0);
H A Dgd.c2928 void gdImageAlphaBlending (gdImagePtr im, int alphaBlendingArg) function
H A Dphp_compat.h200 #define gdImageAlphaBlending php_gd_gdImageAlphaBlending macro
H A Dgd.c1686 gdImageAlphaBlending(im, blend);
1730 gdImageAlphaBlending(im, effect);

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