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H A Dfile.h447 protected void file_magerror(struct magic_set *, const char *, ...);
H A Dsoftmagic.c648 file_magerror(ms, "invalid m->type (%d) in mprint()", m->type);
1029 file_magerror(ms, "invalid type %d in mconvert()", m->type);
2000 file_magerror(ms, "cannot happen with float: invalid relation `%c'",
2034 file_magerror(ms, "cannot happen with double: invalid relation `%c'", m->reln);
2193 file_magerror(ms, "invalid type %d in magiccheck()", m->type);
2281 file_magerror(ms, "cannot happen: invalid relation `%c'",
H A Dapprentice.c1524 file_magerror(ms, "No current entry for continuation");
1528 file_magerror(ms, "Continuations present with 0 count");
H A Dfuncs.c136 file_magerror(struct magic_set *ms, const char *f, ...) function

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