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H A Dphp_streams.h272 PHPAPI php_stream *php_stream_encloses(php_stream *enclosing, php_stream *enclosed);
286 #define PHP_STREAM_FREE_IGNORE_ENCLOSING 32 /* don't close the enclosing stream instead */
H A Dstreams.c110 PHPAPI php_stream *php_stream_encloses(php_stream *enclosing, php_stream *enclosed) argument
115 enclosed->enclosing_stream = enclosing;
400 /* hopefully called recursively from the enclosing stream; the pointer was NULLed below */
410 /* force correct order on enclosing/enclosed stream destruction (only from resource
419 * enclosing stream can free this stream. We remove rsrc_dtor because
420 * we want the enclosing stream to be deleted from the resource list */

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