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H A Dskipifemb.inc2 $driver = new mysqli_driver();
3 if ($driver->embedded)
H A Dskipifnotemb.inc2 $driver = new mysqli_driver();
3 if (!$driver->embedded)
H A Dconnect.inc9 $driver = new mysqli_driver;
H A Dpdo_test.inc19 // create an instance of the PDO driver, based on
H A Dpdo.c46 /* we use persistent resources for the driver connection stuff */
181 PDO_API int php_pdo_register_driver(pdo_driver_t *driver) argument
183 if (driver->api_version != PDO_DRIVER_API) {
184 zend_error(E_ERROR, "PDO: driver %s requires PDO API version %ld; this is PDO version %d",
185 driver->driver_name, driver->api_version, PDO_DRIVER_API);
193 return zend_hash_add(&pdo_driver_hash, (char*)driver->driver_name, driver->driver_name_len,
194 (void**)&driver, sizeof(pdo_driver_t *), NULL);
197 PDO_API void php_pdo_unregister_driver(pdo_driver_t *driver) argument
208 pdo_driver_t **driver = NULL; local
H A Dpdo_dbh.c49 /* BUG: if user is running in silent mode and hits an error at the driver level
211 pdo_driver_t *driver = NULL; local
263 driver = pdo_find_driver(data_source, colon - data_source);
265 if (!driver) {
268 zend_throw_exception_ex(php_pdo_get_exception(), 0 TSRMLS_CC, "could not find driver");
383 if (driver->db_handle_factory(dbh, options TSRMLS_CC)) {
403 dbh->driver = driver;
625 zend_throw_exception_ex(php_pdo_get_exception(), 0 TSRMLS_CC, "This driver doesn't support transactions");
856 zend_throw_exception_ex(php_pdo_get_exception(), 0 TSRMLS_CC, "The auto-commit mode cannot be changed for this driver");
H A Dphp_pdo.h78 if (!dbh->driver) { \
H A Dphp_pdo_driver.h73 and the driver is responsible for adding correct type information to get_column_meta()
136 PDO_ATTR_DRIVER_NAME, /* name of the driver (as used in the constructor) */
142 /* this defines the start of the range for driver specific options.
217 /* This structure is registered with PDO when a PDO driver extension is
228 /* create driver specific portion of the database handle and stash it into
244 /* prepare a statement and stash driver specific portion into stmt */
264 * to the statement, otherwise fetch global error information. The driver
267 * - string representation of the error code ... any other optional driver
279 /* called at request end for each persistent dbh; this gives the driver
285 pointer to a list of driver specifi
495 pdo_driver_t *driver; member in struct:_pdo_dbh_t
H A Dpdo_mysql.c72 if (dbh->driver != &pdo_mysql_driver) {
73 php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_WARNING, "Provided PDO instance is not using MySQL but %s", dbh->driver->driver_name);

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