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H A Dphp_packet_soap.c46 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "looks like we got no XML document", NULL, NULL);
50 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "DTD are not supported by SOAP", NULL, NULL);
69 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "VersionMismatch", "Wrong Version", NULL, NULL);
77 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "looks like we got XML without \"Envelope\" element", NULL, NULL);
85 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "A SOAP Envelope element cannot have non Namespace qualified attributes", NULL, NULL);
90 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "encodingStyle cannot be specified on the Envelope", NULL, NULL);
94 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "Unknown data encoding style", NULL, NULL);
126 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "Body must be present in a SOAP envelope", NULL, NULL);
134 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "A SOAP Body element cannot have non Namespace qualified attributes", NULL, NULL);
140 add_soap_fault(this_pt
H A Dphp_http.c443 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Unable to parse URL", NULL, NULL);
454 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Unknown protocol. Only http and https are allowed.", NULL, NULL);
464 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "SSL support is not available in this build", NULL, NULL);
514 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Could not connect to host", NULL, NULL);
861 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Failed Sending HTTP SOAP request", NULL, NULL);
867 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Failed to create stream??", NULL, NULL);
887 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Error Fetching http headers", NULL, NULL);
1059 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Error Fetching http body, No Content-Length, connection closed or chunked data", NULL, NULL);
1115 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Redirection limit reached, aborting", NULL, NULL);
1221 add_soap_fault(this_pt
H A Dphp_soap.h204 void add_soap_fault(zval *obj, char *fault_code, char *fault_string, char *fault_actor, zval *fault_detail);
H A Dsoap.c2570 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "HTTP", "Error build soap request", NULL, NULL);
2596 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "SoapClient::__doRequest() failed", NULL, NULL);
2611 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "SoapClient::__doRequest() returned non string value", NULL, NULL);
2765 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", error.s->val, NULL, NULL);
2772 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "Error finding \"uri\" property", NULL, NULL);
2774 add_soap_fault(this_ptr, "Client", "Error could not find \"location\" property", NULL, NULL);
3280 void add_soap_fault(zval *obj, char *fault_code, char *fault_string, char *fault_actor, zval *fault_detail) function

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