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H A Dzend_API.h53 } zend_fcall_info; typedef in typeref:struct:_zend_fcall_info
473 ZEND_API extern const zend_fcall_info empty_fcall_info;
486 ZEND_API int zend_fcall_info_init(zval *callable, uint check_flags, zend_fcall_info *fci, zend_fcall_info_cache *fcc, zend_string **callable_name, char **error);
488 /** Clear arguments connected with zend_fcall_info *fci
491 ZEND_API void zend_fcall_info_args_clear(zend_fcall_info *fci, int free_mem);
493 /** Save current arguments from zend_fcall_info *fci
496 ZEND_API void zend_fcall_info_args_save(zend_fcall_info *fci, int *param_count, zval **params);
498 /** Free arguments connected with zend_fcall_info *fci andset back saved ones.
500 ZEND_API void zend_fcall_info_args_restore(zend_fcall_info *fci, int param_count, zval *params);
505 ZEND_API int zend_fcall_info_args(zend_fcall_info *fc

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