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H A Dstreams.c2228 const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval ***optionvalue)
2232 if (FAILURE == zend_hash_find(Z_ARRVAL_P(context->options), (char*)wrappername, strlen(wrappername)+1, (void**)&wrapperhash)) {
2239 const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval *optionvalue)
2249 if (FAILURE == zend_hash_find(Z_ARRVAL_P(context->options), (char*)wrappername, strlen(wrappername)+1, (void**)&wrapperhash)) {
2252 if (FAILURE == zend_hash_update(Z_ARRVAL_P(context->options), (char*)wrappername, strlen(wrappername)+1, (void**)&category, sizeof(zval *), NULL)) {
2227 php_stream_context_get_option(php_stream_context *context, const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval ***optionvalue) argument
2238 php_stream_context_set_option(php_stream_context *context, const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval *optionvalue) argument
H A Dstreamsfuncs.c949 php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_WARNING, "options should have the form [\"wrappername\"][\"optionname\"] = $value");
1035 /* {{{ proto bool stream_context_set_option(resource context|resource stream, string wrappername, string optionname, mixed value)
1041 char *wrappername, *optionname; local
1045 "rssz", &zcontext, &wrappername, &wrapperlen,
1065 php_stream_context_set_option(context, wrappername, optionname, zvalue);

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