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H A Dexample1.php2 $tag = 'en_US'; variable
9 if (enchant_broker_dict_exists($r,$tag)) {
10 $d = enchant_broker_request_dict($r, $tag);
12 echo "dictionary $tag provides:\n";
H A Dpharzip.h109 (Unix3) 0x756e Short tag for this extra block type ("nu")
136 char tag[2]; member in struct:_phar_zip_extra_field_header
141 char tag[2]; /* 0x756e Short tag for this extra block type ("nu") */ member in struct:_phar_zip_unix3
H A Durl_scanner_ex.h38 smart_str tag; /* read only */ member in struct:__anon7
H A Dstring.c118 int php_tag_find(char *tag, size_t len, const char *set);
4603 * Check if tag is in a set of tags
4607 * 0 start tag
4610 int php_tag_find(char *tag, size_t len, const char *set) { argument
4622 t = tag;
4625 normalize the tag removing leading and trailing whitespace
4626 and turn any <a whatever...> into just <a> and any </tag>
4627 into <tag>
4676 normal html tag and state 2 means we are inside a php tag
H A Denchant.c85 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, tag)
99 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, tag)
525 /* {{{ proto resource enchant_broker_request_dict(resource broker, string tag)
526 create a new dictionary using tag, the non-empty language tag you wish to request
534 char *tag; local
538 if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS(), "rs", &broker, &tag, &taglen) == FAILURE) {
549 d = enchant_broker_request_dict(pbroker->pbroker, (const char *)tag);
643 /* {{{ proto bool enchant_broker_dict_exists(resource broker, string tag)
644 Whether a dictionary exists or not. Using non-empty tag */
648 char *tag; local
H A Dxml.c87 inline static zend_string *_xml_decode_tag(xml_parser *parser, const char *tag);
702 static zend_string *_xml_decode_tag(xml_parser *parser, const char *tag) argument
706 str = xml_utf8_decode((const XML_Char *)tag, strlen(tag), parser->target_encoding);
754 zval tag, atr; local
757 array_init(&tag);
762 add_assoc_string(&tag, "tag", ZSTR_VAL(tag_name) + parser->toffset); /* cast to avoid gcc-warning */
763 add_assoc_string(&tag, "type", "open");
764 add_assoc_long(&tag, "leve
823 zval tag; local
904 zval tag; local
H A Dphpdbg_out.c952 static int phpdbg_process_print(int fd, int type, const char *tag, const char *msg, int msglen, const char *xml, int xmllen) { argument
1071 xmloutlen = phpdbg_asprintf(&xmlout, "<%s severity=\"%s\" %.*s msgout=\"%.*s\" />", tag, severity, xmllen, xml, buflen, buf);
1075 xmloutlen = phpdbg_asprintf(&xmlout, "<%s severity=\"%s\" %.*s msgout=\"\" />", tag, severity, xmllen, xml);
1098 PHPDBG_API int phpdbg_vprint(int type, int fd, const char *tag, const char *xmlfmt, const char *strfmt, va_list args) { argument
1125 PHPDBG_G(err_buf).tag = estrdup(tag);
1136 len = phpdbg_process_print(fd, type, tag, msg, msglen, xml, xmllen);
1156 efree(PHPDBG_G(err_buf).tag);
1167 PHPDBG_API int phpdbg_output_err_buf(const char *tag, const char *xmlfmt, const char *strfmt, ...) { argument
1179 len = phpdbg_vprint(PHPDBG_G(err_buf).type, PHPDBG_G(err_buf).fd, tag
1188 phpdbg_print(int type, int fd, const char *tag, const char *xmlfmt, const char *strfmt, ...) argument
H A Dphpdbg.h287 char *tag; member in struct:__anon2
H A Dexif.c344 /* Describes tag values */
377 #define TAG_NEW_SUBFILE 0x00FE /* New version of subfile tag */
378 #define TAG_SUBFILE_TYPE 0x00FF /* Old version of subfile tag */
570 {TAG_NONE, "No tag value"},\
1353 WORD tag; member in struct:__anon5
1497 int tag; member in struct:__anon10
1657 static void exif_iif_add_value(image_info_type *image_info, int section_index, char *name, int tag, int format, int length, void* value, int motorola_intel) argument
1674 info_data->tag = tag;
1698 info_data->tag
1785 exif_iif_add_tag(image_info_type *image_info, int section_index, char *name, int tag, int format, size_t length, void* value) argument
2331 zend_long tag; local
2683 exif_process_unicode(image_info_type *ImageInfo, xp_field_type *xp_field, int tag, char *szValuePtr, int ByteCount) argument
2790 int tag, format, components; local
H A Dldap.c2897 ber_tag_t tag; local
2950 tag = ber_scanf(ber, "{io}", &lestimated, &lcookie);
2953 if (tag == LBER_ERROR) {

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