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H A Dsqlite3.c390 ** ^The sqlite3_threadsafe() function returns zero if and only if
416 ** sqlite3_threadsafe() function shows only the compile-time setting of
418 ** sqlite3_config(). In other words, the return value from sqlite3_threadsafe()
423 SQLITE_API int SQLITE_STDCALL sqlite3_threadsafe(void);
3606 ** (with [SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0] and with [sqlite3_threadsafe()] returning 0)
102293 #define sqlite3_threadsafe macro
128047 SQLITE_API int SQLITE_STDCALL sqlite3_threadsafe(void){ return SQLITE_THREADSAFE; } function
H A Dsqlite3ext.h438 #define sqlite3_threadsafe sqlite3_api->xthreadsafe macro

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