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H A Dsqlite3.c4505 ** ^The sqlite3_result_error() and sqlite3_result_error16() functions
4508 ** 2nd parameter of sqlite3_result_error() or sqlite3_result_error16()
4510 ** message string from sqlite3_result_error() as UTF-8. ^SQLite
4512 ** byte order. ^If the third parameter to sqlite3_result_error()
4515 ** ^If the third parameter to sqlite3_result_error() or
4518 ** ^The sqlite3_result_error() and sqlite3_result_error16()
4524 ** the error code is SQLITE_ERROR. ^A subsequent call to sqlite3_result_error()
4587 SQLITE_API void sqlite3_result_error(sqlite3_context*, const char*, int);
13616 sqlite3_result_error(pCtx, "local time unavailable", -1);
61011 SQLITE_API void sqlite3_result_error(sqlite3_context *pCtx, const char *z, int n){ function
87346 #define sqlite3_result_error macro
H A Dsqlite3ext.h318 #define sqlite3_result_error sqlite3_api->result_error macro

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