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H A Dsqlite3.c2212 ** is passed to [sqlite3_reset()] or [sqlite3_finalize()]).
3184 ** <li> Reset the statement using [sqlite3_reset()] then go back
3360 ** and the application would have to make a second call to [sqlite3_reset()]
3567 ** [sqlite3_step()] has been called more recently than [sqlite3_reset()],
3572 ** ^Bindings are not cleared by the [sqlite3_reset()] routine.
3659 ** ^Contrary to the intuition of many, [sqlite3_reset()] does not reset
3818 ** machine without first calling [sqlite3_reset()] to reset the virtual
3831 ** can be obtained by calling [sqlite3_reset()] on the
3843 ** [sqlite3_reset()] was required after sqlite3_step() returned anything
3846 ** [sqlite3_reset()] woul
60891 SQLITE_API int sqlite3_reset(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt){ function
87343 #define sqlite3_reset macro
H A Dsqlite3ext.h315 #define sqlite3_reset sqlite3_api->reset macro

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