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H A Dsqlite3ext.h342 #define sqlite3_exec sqlite3_api->exec macro
H A Dsqlite3.c492 ** The sqlite3_exec() interface is a convenience wrapper around
497 ** ^The sqlite3_exec() interface runs zero or more UTF-8 encoded,
501 ** sqlite3_exec() is not NULL, then it is invoked for each result row
503 ** sqlite3_exec() is relayed through to the 1st argument of each
504 ** callback invocation. ^If the callback pointer to sqlite3_exec()
509 ** sqlite3_exec(), then execution of the current statement stops and
510 ** subsequent statements are skipped. ^If the 5th parameter to sqlite3_exec()
515 ** of sqlite3_exec() after the error message string is no longer needed.
516 ** ^If the 5th parameter to sqlite3_exec() is not NULL and no errors
517 ** occur, then sqlite3_exec() set
100604 SQLITE_API int sqlite3_exec( function
101082 #define sqlite3_exec macro

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