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H A Dsqlite3ext.h306 #define sqlite3_column_bytes sqlite3_api->column_bytes macro
H A Dsqlite3.c4136 ** ^If the result is a BLOB or UTF-8 string then the sqlite3_column_bytes()
4138 ** ^If the result is a UTF-16 string, then sqlite3_column_bytes() converts
4140 ** ^If the result is a numeric value then sqlite3_column_bytes() uses
4143 ** ^If the result is NULL, then sqlite3_column_bytes() returns zero.
4154 ** ^The values returned by [sqlite3_column_bytes()] and
4157 ** [sqlite3_column_bytes()] and [sqlite3_column_bytes16()] are the number of
4220 ** <li> The initial content is UTF-16 text and sqlite3_column_bytes() or
4235 ** <li>sqlite3_column_text() followed by sqlite3_column_bytes()</li>
4236 ** <li>sqlite3_column_blob() followed by sqlite3_column_bytes()</li>
4242 ** into the desired format, then invoke sqlite3_column_bytes() o
69902 SQLITE_API int SQLITE_STDCALL sqlite3_column_bytes(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt, int i){ function
102161 #define sqlite3_column_bytes macro

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