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H A Dsqlite3.c3977 ** value from sqlite3_column_blob() for a zero-length BLOB is a NULL pointer.
4023 ** calls to sqlite3_column_blob(), sqlite3_column_text(), and/or
4051 ** <li>sqlite3_column_blob() followed by sqlite3_column_bytes()</li>
4056 ** sqlite3_column_blob(), or sqlite3_column_text16() first to force the result
4059 ** to sqlite3_column_text() or sqlite3_column_blob() with calls to
4067 ** [sqlite3_column_blob()], [sqlite3_column_text()], etc. into
4076 SQLITE_API const void *sqlite3_column_blob(sqlite3_stmt*, int iCol);
61560 SQLITE_API const void *sqlite3_column_blob(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt, int i){ function
87278 #define sqlite3_column_blob macro
H A Dsqlite3ext.h250 #define sqlite3_column_blob sqlite3_api->column_blob macro

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