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H A Dsqlite3.c768 ** [sqlite3_open_v2()] interfaces are its constructors, and [sqlite3_close()]
816 ** ^The sqlite3_close() routine is the destructor for the [sqlite3] object.
817 ** ^Calls to sqlite3_close() return SQLITE_OK if the [sqlite3] object is
823 ** sqlite3_close() is called on a [database connection] that still has
827 ** ^If [sqlite3_close()] is invoked while a transaction is open,
830 ** The C parameter to [sqlite3_close(C)] must be either a NULL
834 ** ^Calling sqlite3_close() with a NULL pointer argument is a
837 SQLITE_API int sqlite3_close(sqlite3 *);
2923 ** passing it to [sqlite3_close()] when it is no longer required.
4668 ** [database connection] is closed using [sqlite3_close()]
87275 #define sqlite3_close macro
108605 SQLITE_API int sqlite3_close(sqlite3 *db){ function
H A Dsqlite3ext.h247 #define sqlite3_close sqlite3_api->close macro

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