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H A Dsqlite3.c3495 ** [sqlite3_aggregate_context()], [sqlite3_user_data()],
4356 ** ^The first time the sqlite3_aggregate_context(C,N) routine is called
4360 ** sqlite3_aggregate_context() for the same aggregate function instance,
4366 ** In those cases, sqlite3_aggregate_context() might be called for the
4369 ** ^The sqlite3_aggregate_context(C,N) routine returns a NULL pointer if N is
4372 ** ^(The amount of space allocated by sqlite3_aggregate_context(C,N) is
4374 ** value of N in subsequent call to sqlite3_aggregate_context() within
4379 ** sqlite3_aggregate_context() when the aggregate query concludes.
4389 SQLITE_API void *sqlite3_aggregate_context(sqlite3_context*, int nBytes);
61362 SQLITE_API void *sqlite3_aggregate_context(sqlite3_context *p, int nByte){ function
87257 #define sqlite3_aggregate_context macro
H A Dsqlite3ext.h229 #define sqlite3_aggregate_context sqlite3_api->aggregate_context macro

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