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H A Dphp.h40 #undef sprintf macro
41 #define sprintf php_sprintf macro
H A Dsnprintf.h24 Comparing: sprintf, snprintf, slprintf, spprintf
26 sprintf offers the ability to make a lot of failures since it does not know
27 the size of the buffer it uses. Therefore usage of sprintf often
29 use this version only if you are sure the call is safe. sprintf
60 sprintf(buffer, "test"); | snprintf(buffer, MAX, "test"); | spprintf(&buffer, MAX, "text");
63 // sprintf always terminates | // manual termination of | // spprintf allays terminates buffer
122 #ifdef sprintf
123 #undef sprintf macro
125 #define sprintf php_sprintf macro
H A Dbasic_functions.c131 #undef sprintf macro
2806 PHP_NAMED_FE(sprintf, PHP_FN(user_sprintf), arginfo_sprintf)

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