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H A Dconversions.c540 /* CONVERSIONS for sockaddr */
589 static void from_zval_write_sockaddr_in(const zval *container, char *sockaddr, ser_context *ctx) argument
591 from_zval_write_aggregation(container, sockaddr, descriptors_sockaddr_in, ctx);
705 static void from_zval_write_sockaddr_un(const zval *container, char *sockaddr, ser_context *ctx) argument
707 from_zval_write_aggregation(container, sockaddr, descriptors_sockaddr_un, ctx);
714 struct sockaddr **sockaddr_ptr,
805 const struct sockaddr *saddr = (struct sockaddr *)sockaddr_c;
830 do_to_zval_err(ctx, "cannot read struct sockaddr with family %d; "
1059 struct sockaddr *sockadd local

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