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H A Dxmlrpc_win32.h9 #ifndef snprintf
10 # define snprintf _snprintf macro
H A Dsqlite3ext.h139 char * (*snprintf)(int,char*,const char*,...); member in struct:sqlite3_api_routines
386 #define sqlite3_snprintf sqlite3_api->snprintf
H A Dzipint.h85 #define snprintf _snprintf macro
H A Dsnprintf.h24 Comparing: sprintf, snprintf, slprintf, spprintf
32 snprintf knows the buffers size and will not write behind it. But you will
42 slprintf same as snprintf with the difference that it actually returns the
45 spprintf is the dynamical version of snprintf. It allocates the buffer in size
46 as needed and allows a maximum setting as snprintf (turn this feature
48 snprintf and offers possible memory leakes if you miss freeing the
60 sprintf(buffer, "test"); | snprintf(buffer, MAX, "test"); | spprintf(&buffer, MAX, "text");
104 #ifdef snprintf
105 #undef snprintf macro
107 #define snprintf ap_php_snprint macro
H A Dzend_config.w32.h50 #define snprintf _snprintf macro

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