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H A Dphp_network.h34 #undef shutdown macro
35 #define shutdown(s,n) /* nothing */ macro
H A DSAPI.h51 #undef shutdown macro
226 int (*shutdown)(struct _sapi_module_struct *sapi_module); member in struct:_sapi_module_struct
H A Dsapi_apache2.c56 /* UnixWare and Netware define shutdown to _shutdown, which causes problems later
57 * on when using a structure member named shutdown. Since this source
58 * file does not use the system call shutdown, it is safe to #undef it.K
60 #undef shutdown macro
360 php_module_shutdown_wrapper, /* shutdown */
389 apache2_sapi_module.shutdown(&apache2_sapi_module);
399 apache2_sapi_module.shutdown(&apache2_sapi_module);
H A Dphp_oci8_int.h159 unsigned rb_on_disconnect:1; /* helps to determine if we should rollback this connection on close/shutdown */
525 int shutdown; /* in shutdown flag */ variable
H A Dzend_extensions.h69 shutdown_func_t shutdown; member in struct:_zend_extension

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