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H A Dphp_hash_sha.h26 the ext/standard/sha1.c file can be removed
27 and the ext/standard/sha1.h file can be reduced to:
30 Don't forget to remove sha1() and sha1_file() from basic_functions.c
32 #include "ext/standard/sha1.h"
48 PHP_FUNCTION(sha1); variable
H A Dmysqlnd_auth.c313 #include "ext/standard/sha1.h"
331 zend_uchar sha1[SHA1_MAX_LENGTH]; local
337 PHP_SHA1Final(sha1, &context);
339 /* Phase 2: hash sha1 */
341 PHP_SHA1Update(&context, (zend_uchar*)sha1, SHA1_MAX_LENGTH);
351 php_mysqlnd_crypt(buffer, (const zend_uchar *)buffer, (const zend_uchar *)sha1, SHA1_MAX_LENGTH);
H A Dsha1.h38 PHP_FUNCTION(sha1); variable

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