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H A Dfpm_children.c185 int severity = ZLOG_NOTICE; local
202 severity = ZLOG_WARNING;
223 severity = ZLOG_WARNING;
250 severity = ZLOG_DEBUG;
252 zlog(severity, "[pool %s] child %d exited %s after %ld.%06d seconds from start", child->wp->config->name, (int) pid, buf, tv2.tv_sec, (int) tv2.tv_usec);
H A Dpdo_dblib.c89 int pdo_dblib_error_handler(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int severity, int dberr,
102 einfo->severity = severity;
135 int severity, char *msgtext, char *srvname, char *procname, DBUSMALLINT line)
139 if (severity) {
134 pdo_dblib_msg_handler(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT msgno, int msgstate, int severity, char *msgtext, char *srvname, char *procname, DBUSMALLINT line) argument
H A Dphp_pdo_dblib_int.h92 int pdo_dblib_error_handler(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int severity, int dberr,
96 int severity, char *msgtext, char *srvname, char *procname, DBUSMALLINT line);
102 int severity; member in struct:__anon164
H A Dphp_sybase_ct.c140 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, severity)
144 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, severity)
390 php_error_docref(NULL, E_WARNING, "Sybase: Client message: %s (severity %ld)", errmsg->msgstring, (long)CS_SEVERITY(errmsg->msgnumber));
413 zval *msgnumber, *severity, *state, *line, *text, *retval = NULL; local
424 MAKE_STD_ZVAL(severity);
425 ZVAL_LONG(severity, srvmsg->severity);
426 args[1] = &severity;
457 zval_ptr_dtor(&severity);
487 /* Check mininum server severity leve
2144 long severity; local
2159 long severity; local
H A Dstreams.c2186 PHPAPI void php_stream_notification_notify(php_stream_context *context, int notifycode, int severity, argument
2190 context->notifier->func(context, notifycode, severity, xmsg, xcode, bytes_sofar, bytes_max, ptr);
H A Dphpdbg_out.c955 const char *severity; local
964 severity = "error";
981 severity = "notice";
998 severity = "normal";
1009 severity = "normal";
1049 severity = "log";
1071 xmloutlen = phpdbg_asprintf(&xmlout, "<%s severity=\"%s\" %.*s msgout=\"%.*s\" />", tag, severity, xmllen, xml, buflen, buf);
1075 xmloutlen = phpdbg_asprintf(&xmlout, "<%s severity=\"%s\" %.*s msgout=\"\" />", tag, severity, xmlle
H A Dstreamsfuncs.c825 static void user_space_stream_notifier(php_stream_context *context, int notifycode, int severity, argument
834 ZVAL_LONG(&zvs[1], severity);
H A Dphp_mssql.c115 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, severity)
266 static int php_mssql_error_handler(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int severity, int dberr, int oserr, char *dberrstr, char *oserrstr) argument
269 if (severity >= MS_SQL_G(min_error_severity)) {
270 php_error_docref(NULL, E_WARNING, "%s (severity %d)", dberrstr, severity);
278 static int php_mssql_message_handler(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT msgno,int msgstate, int severity,char *msgtext,char *srvname, char *procname,DBUSMALLINT line) argument
281 if (severity >= MS_SQL_G(min_message_severity)) {
282 php_error_docref(NULL, E_WARNING, "message: %s (severity %d)", msgtext, severity);
1940 /* {{{ proto void mssql_min_error_severity(int severity)
1944 zend_long severity; local
1959 zend_long severity; local
H A Dzend_exceptions.c221 /* {{{ proto ErrorException::__construct(string message, int code, int severity [, string filename [, int lineno [, Exception previous]]])
226 zend_long code = 0, severity = E_ERROR, lineno; local
231 if (zend_parse_parameters_ex(ZEND_PARSE_PARAMS_QUIET, argc, "|sllslO!", &message, &message_len, &code, &severity, &filename, &filename_len, &lineno, &previous, default_exception_ce) == FAILURE) {
232 zend_error(E_ERROR, "Wrong parameters for ErrorException([string $exception [, long $code, [ long $severity, [ string $filename, [ long $lineno [, Exception $previous = NULL]]]]]])");
249 zend_update_property_long(default_exception_ce, object, "severity", sizeof("severity")-1, severity);
332 Get the exception severity */
339 ZVAL_COPY(return_value, GET_PROPERTY(getThis(), "severity"));
698 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, severity)
790 zend_throw_error_exception(zend_class_entry *exception_ce, const char *message, zend_long code, int severity) argument
811 zend_exception_error(zend_object *ex, int severity) argument
H A Dzend_API.c276 ZEND_API void zend_wrong_callback_error(int severity, int num, char *error) /* {{{ */ argument
281 zend_error(severity, "%s%s%s() expects parameter %d to be a valid callback, %s",
323 static const char *zend_parse_arg_impl(int arg_num, zval *arg, va_list *va, const char **spec, char **error, int *severity) /* {{{ */ argument
533 *severity = E_STRICT;
542 *severity = E_WARNING;
577 int severity = E_WARNING; local
579 expected_type = zend_parse_arg_impl(arg_num, arg, va, spec, &error, &severity);
586 zend_error(severity, "%s%s%s() expects parameter %d %s",
590 zend_error(severity, "%s%s%s() expects parameter %d to be %s, %s given",
595 if (severity !
2888 int severity; local

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