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H A Dindex.php9 $server = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].':'.$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']; variable
10 $base = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interop.wsdl.php";
11 $groupb = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interopB.wsdl.php";
12 $groupc = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/echoheadersvc.wsdl.php";
38 Client against a chosen interop server. Each run updates the results database below.</p>
45 testing that endpoint. This reduces the time it takes to run the tests if a server is unavailable.</p>
H A Dserver_round2_base.php102 $server = new SoapServer((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interop.wsdl.php"); variable
103 $server->setClass("SOAP_Interop_Base");
104 $server->handle();
H A Dserver_round2_groupB.php55 $server = new SoapServer((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interopB.wsdl.php"); variable
56 $server->setClass("SOAP_Interop_GroupB");
57 $server->handle();
H A Dserver_round2_groupC.php40 $server = new SoapServer((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/echoheadersvc.wsdl.php"); variable
41 $server->setClass("SOAP_Interop_GroupC");
42 $server->handle();
H A Dsystem_methods.c88 "<purpose>fully describes the methods and types implemented by this XML-RPC server.</purpose>"
142 "<purpose>enumerates the methods implemented by this XML-RPC server.</purpose>"
148 "<value type='string'>name of a method implemented by the server.</value>"
260 "<purpose>returns a list of capabilities supported by this server</purpose>"
269 "<value type='int' name='specVersion'>version of the spec that this server's implementation conforms to</value>"
292 static XMLRPC_VALUE xsm_system_multicall_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
293 static XMLRPC_VALUE xsm_system_get_capabilities_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
299 static void xsm_lazy_doc_methods_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, void* userData) { argument
301 XMLRPC_ServerAddIntrospectionData(server, xDesc);
305 void xsm_register(XMLRPC_SERVER server) { argument
315 xsm_system_multicall_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
348 xsm_system_get_capabilities_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
H A Dxmlrpc_introspection.c67 static XMLRPC_VALUE xi_system_describe_methods_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
68 static XMLRPC_VALUE xi_system_list_methods_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
69 static XMLRPC_VALUE xi_system_method_signature_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
70 static XMLRPC_VALUE xi_system_method_help_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData);
94 static void check_docs_loaded(XMLRPC_SERVER server, void* userData) { argument
95 if(server) {
96 q_iter qi = Q_Iter_Head_F(&server->docslist);
100 dm->method(server, userData);
110 static inline void describe_method(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_VALUE vector, const char* method) { argument
112 server_method* sm = find_method(server, metho
122 xi_system_describe_methods_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
173 xi_system_list_methods_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
190 xi_system_method_signature_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
249 xi_system_method_help_cb(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST input, void* userData) argument
279 xi_register_system_methods(XMLRPC_SERVER server) argument
500 XMLRPC_ServerAddIntrospectionData(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_VALUE desc) argument
577 XMLRPC_ServerRegisterIntrospectionCallback(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_IntrospectionCallback cb) argument
H A Dxmlrpc.c116 * The user of this library will typically be implementing either an XMLRPC server,
119 * client will then send the XML to the server via external mechanism. The server will
2325 XMLRPC_SERVER server = calloc(1, sizeof(STRUCT_XMLRPC_SERVER)); local
2326 if(server) {
2327 Q_Init(&server->methodlist);
2328 Q_Init(&server->docslist);
2331 xsm_register(server);
2333 return server;
2338 /* Return global server
2386 XMLRPC_ServerDestroy(XMLRPC_SERVER server) argument
2439 XMLRPC_ServerRegisterMethod(XMLRPC_SERVER server, const char *name, XMLRPC_Callback cb) argument
2457 find_method(XMLRPC_SERVER server, const char* name) argument
2525 XMLRPC_ServerFindMethod(XMLRPC_SERVER server, const char* callName) argument
2567 XMLRPC_ServerCallMethod(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST request, void* userData) argument
H A Dphp_oci8_int.h138 OCIServer *server; /* private server handle */ member in struct:__anon107
149 unsigned is_attached:1; /* hels to determine if we should detach from the server when closing/freeing the connection */
347 PHP_OCI_CALL(OCIAttrGet, ((dvoid *)(connection)->server, OCI_HTYPE_SERVER, (dvoid *)&serverStatus, \
H A Dphp_pdo_mysql_int.h101 MYSQL *server; member in struct:__anon137
H A Dphp_pdo_oci_int.h32 OCIServer *server; member in struct:__anon142
H A Dphp_pdo_pgsql_int.h41 PGconn *server; member in struct:__anon153
H A Daolserver.c59 /* php_ns_context is per-server (thus only once at all) */
213 php_info_print_table_row(2, "Hostname of server", Ns_InfoHostname());
427 * and fills it with data provided by the web server
433 char *server; local
439 server = Ns_ConnServer(NSG(conn));
445 Ns_UrlToFile(&ds, server, NSG(conn->request->url));
450 root = Ns_PageRoot(server);
573 * server exits. Shutdowns basic services and frees memory
597 int Ns_ModuleInit(char *server, char *module) argument
611 ctx->ns_server = strdup(server);
H A Dphpdbg.c524 /* In phpdbg mode, we consider the environment to be a part of the server variables
668 php_sapi_phpdbg_register_vars, /* register server variables */
988 int server[2]; local
1007 server[0] = -1;
1008 server[1] = -1;
1230 /* setup remote server if necessary */
1233 if (phpdbg_open_sockets(address, listen, &server, &socket, streams) == FAILURE) {
1344 /* sending SIGINT then provides a decent way of shutting down the server */
1465 address, listen, &server, &socket, streams);
H A Dxmlrpc-epi-php.c115 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, server)
119 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, server)
125 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, server)
136 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, server)
141 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, server)
185 /* per server data */
206 xmlrpc_server_data* server; member in struct:_xmlrpc_callback_data
255 static void php_xmlrpc_introspection_callback(XMLRPC_SERVER server, void* data);
267 static void destroy_server_data(xmlrpc_server_data *server TSRMLS_DC)
269 if (server) {
880 xmlrpc_server_data *server = emalloc(sizeof(xmlrpc_server_data)); local
906 xmlrpc_server_data *server; local
928 php_xmlrpc_callback(XMLRPC_SERVER server, XMLRPC_REQUEST xRequest, void* data) argument
973 php_xmlrpc_introspection_callback(XMLRPC_SERVER server, void* data) argument
1041 xmlrpc_server_data* server; local
1074 xmlrpc_server_data* server; local
1105 xmlrpc_server_data* server; local
1213 xmlrpc_server_data* server; local
H A Dphp_cli_server.c166 struct php_cli_server *server; member in struct:php_cli_server_client
260 { 400, "<h1>%s</h1><p>Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.</p>" },
261 { 404, "<h1>%s</h1><p>The requested resource <code class=\"url\">%s</code> was not found on this server.</p>" },
262 { 500, "<h1>%s</h1><p>The server is temporarily unavailable.</p>" },
751 sapi_cli_server_register_variable(track_vars_array, "DOCUMENT_ROOT", client->server->document_root TSRMLS_CC);
778 sapi_cli_server_register_variable(track_vars_array, "SERVER_NAME", client->server->host TSRMLS_CC);
781 spprintf(&tmp, 0, "%i", client->server->port);
791 } else if (client->server->router) {
793 spprintf(&temp, 0, "%s/%s", client->server->document_root, client->server
1883 php_cli_server_client_ctor(php_cli_server_client *client, php_cli_server *server, int client_sock, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addr_len TSRMLS_DC) argument
1925 php_cli_server_close_connection(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
1933 php_cli_server_send_error_page(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client, int status TSRMLS_DC) argument
2029 php_cli_server_dispatch_script(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2051 php_cli_server_begin_send_static(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2122 php_cli_server_request_startup(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2140 php_cli_server_request_shutdown(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2150 php_cli_server_dispatch_router(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2189 php_cli_server_dispatch(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2274 php_cli_server_ctor(php_cli_server *server, const char *addr, const char *document_root, const char *router TSRMLS_DC) argument
2388 php_cli_server_recv_event_read_request(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2409 php_cli_server_send_event(php_cli_server *server, php_cli_server_client *client TSRMLS_DC) argument
2443 php_cli_server *server; member in struct:php_cli_server_do_event_for_each_fd_callback_params
2454 php_cli_server *server = params->server; local
2502 php_cli_server_do_event_for_each_fd(php_cli_server *server, int(*rhandler)(php_cli_server*, php_cli_server_client* TSRMLS_DC), int(*whandler)(php_cli_server*, php_cli_server_client* TSRMLS_DC) TSRMLS_DC) argument
2543 static php_cli_server server; variable

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