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H A Dpdo_dbh.c1149 /* {{{ proto string PDO::quote(string string [, int paramtype])
1150 quotes string for use in a query. The optional paramtype acts as a hint for drivers that have alternate quoting styles. The default value is PDO_PARAM_STR */
1156 long paramtype = PDO_PARAM_STR; local
1160 if (FAILURE == zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "s|l", &str, &str_len, &paramtype)) {
1171 if (dbh->methods->quoter(dbh, str, str_len, &qstr, &qlen, paramtype TSRMLS_CC)) {
1248 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, paramtype)
H A Dphp_pdo_odbc_int.h161 SQLSMALLINT paramtype; member in struct:__anon177

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