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H A Dbtree_rb.c99 BtRbTree *pTree; member in struct:RbtCursor
100 int iTree; /* Index of pTree in pRbtree */
163 for(p=pCur->pTree->pCursors; p; p=p->pShared){
193 * Perform the LEFT-rotate transformation on node X of tree pTree. This
205 static void leftRotate(BtRbTree *pTree, BtRbNode *pX) argument
221 if( pTree->pHead == pX ) pTree->pHead = pY;
225 * Perform the RIGHT-rotate transformation on node X of tree pTree. This
237 static void rightRotate(BtRbTree *pTree, BtRbNode *pX) argument
253 if( pTree
407 do_insert_balancing(BtRbTree *pTree, BtRbNode *pX) argument
514 do_delete_balancing(BtRbTree *pTree, BtRbNode *pX, BtRbNode *pParent) argument
670 BtRbTree *pTree; local
1028 BtRbTree *pTree; local
1248 BtRbTree *pTree = sqliteHashData(p); local
H A Dsqlite3.c36354 struct RowSetEntry *pTree; /* Binary tree of entries */ member in struct:RowSet
119775 SegmentNode *pTree; /* Pointer to interior tree structure */ member in struct:SegmentWriter
121351 SegmentNode *pTree = *ppTree; local
121455 fts3TreeFinishNode( SegmentNode *pTree, int iHeight, sqlite3_int64 iLeftChild ) argument
121481 fts3NodeWrite( Fts3Table *p, SegmentNode *pTree, int iHeight, sqlite3_int64 iLeaf, sqlite3_int64 iFree, sqlite3_int64 *piLast, char **paRoot, int *pnRoot ) argument
121525 fts3NodeFree(SegmentNode *pTree) argument

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