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H A Dbtree.c385 static int fileBtreeCloseCursor(BtCursor *pCur);
924 BtCursor *pCur; local
929 for(pCur=pBt->pCursor; pCur; pCur=pCur->pNext){
930 if( pCur->pPage && pCur->pPage->isInit==0 ){
931 sqlitepager_unref(pCur->pPage);
932 pCur
985 BtCursor *pCur; local
1037 BtCursor *pCur, *pRing; local
1100 fileBtreeCloseCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1127 getTempCursor(BtCursor *pCur, BtCursor *pTempCur) argument
1140 releaseTempCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1153 fileBtreeKeySize(BtCursor *pCur, int *pSize) argument
1176 getPayload(BtCursor *pCur, int offset, int amt, char *zBuf) argument
1242 fileBtreeKey(BtCursor *pCur, int offset, int amt, char *zBuf) argument
1264 fileBtreeDataSize(BtCursor *pCur, int *pSize) argument
1287 fileBtreeData(BtCursor *pCur, int offset, int amt, char *zBuf) argument
1325 fileBtreeKeyCompare( BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, int nIgnore, int *pResult ) argument
1391 moveToChild(BtCursor *pCur, int newPgno) argument
1424 moveToParent(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1472 moveToRoot(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1491 moveToLeftmost(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1509 moveToRightmost(BtCursor *pCur) argument
1526 fileBtreeFirst(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
1545 fileBtreeLast(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
1585 fileBtreeMoveto(BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, int *pRes) argument
1638 fileBtreeNext(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
1693 fileBtreePrevious(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
2179 balance(Btree *pBt, MemPage *pPage, BtCursor *pCur) argument
2599 checkReadLocks(BtCursor *pCur) argument
2619 fileBtreeInsert( BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, const void *pData, int nData ) argument
2687 fileBtreeDelete(BtCursor *pCur) argument
2841 BtCursor *pCur; local
2866 BtCursor *pCur; local
3121 fileBtreeCursorDump(BtCursor *pCur, int *aResult) argument
H A Dbtree_rb.c135 RbtCursor* pCur,
141 static int memRbtreeNext(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
142 static int memRbtreeLast(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
143 static int memRbtreePrevious(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes);
148 ** as pCur points to. If any of those cursors were opened with
160 static int checkReadLocks(RbtCursor *pCur){ argument
162 assert( pCur->wrFlag );
163 for(p=pCur->pTree->pCursors; p; p=p->pShared){
164 if( p!=pCur ){
690 static int memRbtreeKeyCompare(RbtCursor* pCur, cons argument
720 RbtCursor *pCur; local
745 memRbtreeInsert( RbtCursor* pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, const void *pDataInput, int nData ) argument
871 memRbtreeMoveto( RbtCursor* pCur, const void *pKey, int nKey, int *pRes ) argument
920 memRbtreeDelete(RbtCursor* pCur) argument
1071 memRbtreeFirst(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1088 memRbtreeLast(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1111 memRbtreeNext(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1138 memRbtreePrevious(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pRes) argument
1165 memRbtreeKeySize(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pSize) argument
1175 memRbtreeKey(RbtCursor* pCur, int offset, int amt, char *zBuf) argument
1187 memRbtreeDataSize(RbtCursor* pCur, int *pSize) argument
1197 memRbtreeData(RbtCursor *pCur, int offset, int amt, char *zBuf) argument
1209 memRbtreeCloseCursor(RbtCursor* pCur) argument
1416 memRbtreeCursorDump(RbtCursor* pCur, int* aRes) argument
H A Dsqlite3.c6268 ** ^The current value of the requested parameter is written into *pCur
6278 SQLITE_API int sqlite3_db_status(sqlite3*, int op, int *pCur, int *pHiwtr, int resetFlg);
47390 sqlite3BtreeEnterCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
47393 sqlite3BtreeLeaveCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
47952 invalidateOverflowCache(BtCursor *pCur) argument
48083 saveCursorPosition(BtCursor *pCur) argument
48152 sqlite3BtreeClearCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
48164 btreeMoveto( BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, i64 nKey, int bias, int *pRes ) argument
48197 btreeRestoreCursorPosition(BtCursor *pCur) argument
48227 sqlite3BtreeCursorHasMoved(BtCursor *pCur, int *pHasMoved) argument
49536 BtCursor *pCur; local
50753 BtCursor *pCur; local
51056 sqlite3BtreeSetCachedRowid(BtCursor *pCur, sqlite3_int64 iRowid) argument
51070 sqlite3BtreeGetCachedRowid(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51078 sqlite3BtreeCloseCursor(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51120 assertCellInfo(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51132 getCellInfo(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51159 sqlite3BtreeCursorIsValid(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51176 sqlite3BtreeKeySize(BtCursor *pCur, i64 *pSize) argument
51200 sqlite3BtreeDataSize(BtCursor *pCur, u32 *pSize) argument
51344 accessPayload( BtCursor *pCur, u32 offset, u32 amt, unsigned char *pBuf, int eOp ) argument
51488 sqlite3BtreeKey(BtCursor *pCur, u32 offset, u32 amt, void *pBuf) argument
51505 sqlite3BtreeData(BtCursor *pCur, u32 offset, u32 amt, void *pBuf) argument
51544 fetchPayload( BtCursor *pCur, int *pAmt, int skipKey ) argument
51596 sqlite3BtreeKeyFetch(BtCursor *pCur, int *pAmt) argument
51605 sqlite3BtreeDataFetch(BtCursor *pCur, int *pAmt) argument
51625 moveToChild(BtCursor *pCur, u32 newPgno) argument
51679 moveToParent(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51716 moveToRoot(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51792 moveToLeftmost(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51817 moveToRightmost(BtCursor *pCur) argument
51841 sqlite3BtreeFirst(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
51864 sqlite3BtreeLast(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
51928 sqlite3BtreeMovetoUnpacked( BtCursor *pCur, UnpackedRecord *pIdxKey, i64 intKey, int biasRight, int *pRes ) argument
52112 sqlite3BtreeEof(BtCursor *pCur) argument
52126 sqlite3BtreeNext(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
52195 sqlite3BtreePrevious(BtCursor *pCur, int *pRes) argument
54047 balance(BtCursor *pCur) argument
54182 sqlite3BtreeInsert( BtCursor *pCur, const void *pKey, i64 nKey, const void *pData, int nData, int nZero, int appendBias, int seekResult ) argument
54324 sqlite3BtreeDelete(BtCursor *pCur) argument
54873 sqlite3BtreeCount(BtCursor *pCur, i64 *pnEntry) argument
55643 sqlite3BtreeCacheOverflow(BtCursor *pCur) argument
57288 sqlite3VdbeMemFromBtree( BtCursor *pCur, int offset, int amt, int key, Mem *pMem ) argument
60604 sqlite3VdbeIdxRowid(sqlite3 *db, BtCursor *pCur, i64 *rowid) argument
60691 BtCursor *pCur = pC->pCursor; local
63075 VdbeCursor *pCur; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_OpenWrite_stack_vars
63276 VdbeCursor *pCur; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_VOpen_stack_vars
63289 VdbeCursor *pCur; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_VFilter_stack_vars
63304 VdbeCursor *pCur; member in struct:vdbeExecUnion::OP_VNext_stack_vars
68532 VdbeCursor *pCur = p->apCsr[pOp->p1]; local
H A Dlsapilib.c442 struct lsapi_header_offset * pCur, *pEnd; local
443 pCur = pReq->m_pUnknownHeader;
444 pEnd = pCur + pReq->m_pHeader->m_cntUnknownHeaders;
445 while( pCur < pEnd ) {
446 swapIntEndian( &pCur->nameOff );
447 swapIntEndian( &pCur->nameLen );
448 swapIntEndian( &pCur->valueOff );
449 swapIntEndian( &pCur->valueLen );
450 ++pCur;
829 char * pCur; local
1122 struct lsapi_header_offset * pCur, *pEnd; local
1194 struct lsapi_header_offset * pCur, *pEnd; local
1246 struct lsapi_header_offset * pCur, *pEnd; local

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