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H A Donigposix.h118 unsigned int op2; member in struct:__anon224
H A Dregsyntax.c245 onig_set_syntax_op2(OnigSyntaxType* syntax, unsigned int op2) argument
247 syntax->op2 = op2;
271 return syntax->op2;
H A Doniguruma.h401 unsigned int op2; member in struct:__anon3
799 void onig_set_syntax_op2 P_((OnigSyntaxType* syntax, unsigned int op2));
H A DsljitNativeTILEGX_64.c745 static sljit_si push_4_buffer(struct sljit_compiler *compiler, tilegx_mnemonic opc, int op0, int op1, int op2, int op3, int line) argument
755 inst_buf[inst_buf_index].operand_value[2] = op2;
765 static sljit_si push_3_buffer(struct sljit_compiler *compiler, tilegx_mnemonic opc, int op0, int op1, int op2, int line) argument
775 inst_buf[inst_buf_index].operand_value[2] = op2;
800 inst_buf[inst_buf_index].input_registers = (1L << op1) | (1L << op2);
H A Dsqlite3.c11530 u8 op2; /* TK_REGISTER: original value of Expr.op member in struct:Expr
H A Dzend_ast.c207 zval op1, op2; local
214 zend_ast_evaluate(&op2, ast->child[1], scope);
215 op(result, &op1, &op2);
217 zval_dtor(&op2);
223 /* op1 > op2 is the same as op2 < op1 */
227 zend_ast_evaluate(&op2, ast->child[1], scope);
228 op(result, &op2, &op1);
230 zval_dtor(&op2);
261 zend_ast_evaluate(&op2, as
H A Dzend_compile.h134 znode_op op2; member in struct:_zend_op
H A Dzend_execute.c937 static void zend_binary_assign_op_obj_dim(zval *object, zval *property, zval *value, zval *retval, int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2)) argument
H A Dzend_operators.c786 ZEND_API int add_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
792 switch (TYPE_PAIR(Z_TYPE_P(op1), Z_TYPE_P(op2))) {
794 zend_long lval = Z_LVAL_P(op1) + Z_LVAL_P(op2);
797 if ((Z_LVAL_P(op1) & LONG_SIGN_MASK) == (Z_LVAL_P(op2) & LONG_SIGN_MASK)
800 ZVAL_DOUBLE(result, (double) Z_LVAL_P(op1) + (double) Z_LVAL_P(op2));
808 ZVAL_DOUBLE(result, ((double)Z_LVAL_P(op1)) + Z_DVAL_P(op2));
812 ZVAL_DOUBLE(result, Z_DVAL_P(op1) + ((double)Z_LVAL_P(op2)));
816 ZVAL_DOUBLE(result, Z_DVAL_P(op1) + Z_DVAL_P(op2));
820 if ((result == op1) && (result == op2)) {
827 zend_hash_merge(Z_ARRVAL_P(result), Z_ARRVAL_P(op2), zval_add_re
850 sub_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
903 mul_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
950 pow_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1038 div_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1109 mod_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1164 boolean_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1271 bitwise_or_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1329 bitwise_and_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1387 bitwise_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1445 shift_left_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1500 shift_right_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1556 add_char_to_string(zval *result, const zval *op1, const zval *op2) argument
1569 add_string_to_string(zval *result, const zval *op1, const zval *op2) argument
1582 concat_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1660 string_compare_function_ex(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2, zend_bool case_insensitive) argument
1677 string_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1699 string_case_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1722 string_locale_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1736 numeric_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1761 compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1961 is_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2009 is_not_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2019 is_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2029 is_not_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2039 is_smaller_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2049 is_smaller_or_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
2235 zval op2; local
2308 zval op2; local
H A Dzend_operators.h47 ZEND_API int add_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
48 ZEND_API int sub_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
49 ZEND_API int mul_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
50 ZEND_API int pow_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
51 ZEND_API int div_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
52 ZEND_API int mod_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
53 ZEND_API int boolean_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
56 ZEND_API int bitwise_or_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
57 ZEND_API int bitwise_and_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
58 ZEND_API int bitwise_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
561 fast_add_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
672 fast_sub_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
785 fast_mul_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
810 fast_div_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
861 fast_mod_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
881 fast_equal_check_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
915 fast_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
957 fast_not_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
999 fast_is_smaller_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1022 fast_is_smaller_or_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1045 fast_is_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
1054 fast_is_not_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
H A Dzend_vm_gen.php147 "ANY" => "get_zval_ptr(opline->op2_type, opline->op2, execute_data, &free_op2, \\1)",
148 "TMP" => "_get_zval_ptr_tmp(opline->op2.var, execute_data, &free_op2)",
149 "VAR" => "_get_zval_ptr_var(opline->op2.var, execute_data, &free_op2)",
150 "CONST" => "EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)",
152 "CV" => "_get_zval_ptr_cv_\\1(execute_data, opline->op2.var)",
153 "TMPVAR" => "_get_zval_ptr_var(opline->op2.var, execute_data, &free_op2)",
167 "ANY" => "get_zval_ptr_ptr(opline->op2_type, opline->op2, execute_data, &free_op2, \\1)",
169 "VAR" => "_get_zval_ptr_ptr_var(opline->op2.var, execute_data, &free_op2)",
172 "CV" => "_get_zval_ptr_cv_\\1(execute_data, opline->op2.var)",
187 "ANY" => "get_zval_ptr_deref(opline->op2_type, opline->op2, execute_dat
392 $op2 = "ANY"; variable
727 $op2 = "TMPVAR"; variable
730 $op2 = "ANY"; variable
1181 $op2 = array_flip(explode("|",$m[4])); variable
1210 $op2 = array_flip(explode("|",$m[3])); variable
1227 $op2 = array_flip(explode("|",$m[3])); variable
H A Dzend_compile.c447 memset(&opline->op2, 0, sizeof(opline->op2)); \
489 SET_UNUSED(opline->op2);
507 SET_UNUSED(opline->op2);
520 SET_UNUSED(opline->op2);
752 label = RT_CONSTANT(op_array, opline->op2);
754 label = CT_CONSTANT_EX(op_array, opline->op2.constant);
792 SET_UNUSED(opline->op2);
830 SET_UNUSED(opline->op2);
881 zval *op1, *op2; local
921 zval *op1, *op2; local
958 zval *op1, *op2; local
1676 zend_emit_op(znode *result, zend_uchar opcode, znode *op1, znode *op2) argument
1700 zend_emit_op_tmp(znode *result, zend_uchar opcode, znode *op1, znode *op2) argument
1784 zend_delayed_emit_op(znode *result, zend_uchar opcode, znode *op1, znode *op2) argument
5012 zend_ct_eval_binary_op(zval *result, uint32_t opcode, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
5030 zend_ct_eval_greater(zval *result, zend_ast_kind kind, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
H A Dzend_vm_def.h336 ZEND_VM_HELPER_EX(zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper, VAR|UNUSED|CV, CONST|TMPVAR|CV, int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2)) argument
414 ZEND_VM_HELPER_EX(zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper, VAR|UNUSED|CV, CONST|TMPVAR|UNUSED|CV, int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2)) argument
476 ZEND_VM_HELPER_EX(zend_binary_assign_op_helper, VAR|CV, CONST|TMPVAR|CV, int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2)) argument
1115 if (CACHED_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)))) {
1116 ce = CACHED_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)));
1118 ce = zend_fetch_class_by_name(Z_STR_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)), EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2) + 1, 0);
1127 CACHE_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)), ce);
1130 ce = Z_CE_P(EX_VAR(opline->op2.var));
1759 /* zend_assign_to_variable() always takes care of op2, neve
H A Dzend_vm_execute.h1123 if ((zce = zend_hash_find(EG(class_table), Z_STR_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)))) == NULL ||
1174 if (CACHED_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)))) {
1175 trait = CACHED_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)));
1177 trait = zend_fetch_class_by_name(Z_STR_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)),
1178 EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2) + 1,
1187 CACHE_PTR(Z_CACHE_SLOT_P(EX_CONSTANT(opline->op2)), trait);
1273 ZEND_CALL_NUM_ARGS(call) = opline->op2.num;
1452 ZEND_VM_SET_OPCODE(&EX(func)->op_array.opcodes[opline->op2.opline_num]);
1472 fast_call->u2.lineno = fast_ret->op2.opline_num;
1480 ZEND_VM_SET_OPCODE(&EX(func)->op_array.opcodes[opline->op2
12185 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_VAR_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
12263 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_VAR_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
12324 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_VAR_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
14202 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_VAR_UNUSED(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
15056 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_VAR_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
15134 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_VAR_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
15195 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_VAR_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
16583 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_VAR_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
16661 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_VAR_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
16723 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_VAR_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
17985 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
18063 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
19724 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_UNUSED(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
20167 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
20245 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
21548 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
21626 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_UNUSED_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
24508 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_CV_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
24586 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_CV_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
24647 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_CV_CONST(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
27460 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_CV_UNUSED(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
28709 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_CV_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
28787 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_CV_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
28848 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_CV_CV(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
30748 zend_binary_assign_op_obj_helper_SPEC_CV_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
30826 zend_binary_assign_op_dim_helper_SPEC_CV_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
30888 zend_binary_assign_op_helper_SPEC_CV_TMPVAR(int (*binary_op)(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2), ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS) argument
H A Dgmp.c460 static void shift_operator_helper(gmp_binary_ui_op_t op, zval *return_value, zval *op1, zval *op2) { argument
461 zend_long shift = zval_get_long(op2);
479 result, op1, op2, op, (gmp_binary_ui_op_t) uop, \
491 static int gmp_do_operation_ex(zend_uchar opcode, zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
501 shift_operator_helper(mpz_pow_ui, result, op1, op2);
508 shift_operator_helper(mpz_mul_2exp, result, op1, op2);
511 shift_operator_helper(mpz_fdiv_q_2exp, result, op1, op2);
528 static int gmp_do_operation(zend_uchar opcode, zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
538 retval = gmp_do_operation_ex(opcode, result, op1, op2);
548 static int gmp_compare(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
H A Dcollator_sort.c53 static int collator_regular_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
63 zval* str2_p = collator_convert_object_to_string( op2, &str2 );
145 static int collator_numeric_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
158 if( Z_TYPE_P(op2) == IS_STRING )
160 num2_p = collator_convert_string_to_double( op2, &num2 );
161 op2 = num2_p;
164 rc = numeric_compare_function( result, op1, op2);
178 static int collator_icu_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) argument
187 str2_p = collator_make_printable_zval( op2, &str2 );
H A Dstring.c4855 PHPAPI int string_natural_compare_function_ex(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2, zend_bool case_insensitive) /* {{{ */ argument
4858 zend_string *str2 = zval_get_string(op2);
4868 PHPAPI int string_natural_case_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
4870 return string_natural_compare_function_ex(result, op1, op2, 1);
4874 PHPAPI int string_natural_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2) /* {{{ */ argument
4876 return string_natural_compare_function_ex(result, op1, op2, 0);

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