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H A Dutils.h20 /* for old systems with bcopy() but no memmove() */
22 #define memmove(d, s, c) bcopy(s, d, c) macro
H A Dphp.h195 # define memmove(d, s, n) bcopy ((s), (d), (n)) macro
H A Dpcre_internal.h377 #define memmove(d,s,n) _memmove(d,s,n) macro
381 /* To cope with SunOS4 and other systems that lack memmove() but have bcopy(),
382 define a macro for memmove() if HAVE_MEMMOVE is false, provided that HAVE_BCOPY
387 #undef memmove /* some systems may have a macro */ macro
389 #define memmove(a, b, c) bcopy(b, a, c) macro
410 #define memmove(a, b, c) pcre_memmove(a, b, c) macro

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